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Full-duplex relay selection for amplify-and-forward cooperative networks
I Krikidis, HA Suraweera, PJ Smith, C Yuen
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 11 (12), 4381-4393, 2012
Quasi-orthogonal STBC with minimum decoding complexity
C Yuen, YL Guan, TT Tjhung
Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on 4 (5), 2089-2094, 2005
Cognitive radio based hierarchical communications infrastructure for smart grid
R Yu, Y Zhang, S Gjessing, C Yuen, S Xie, M Guizani
Network, IEEE 25 (5), 6-14, 2011
Recent advances in indoor localization: A survey on theoretical approaches and applications
A Yassin, Y Nasser, M Awad, A Al-Dubai, R Liu, C Yuen, R Raulefs, ...
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 19 (2), 1327-1346, 2016
Low-complexity end-to-end performance optimization in MIMO full-duplex relay systems
HA Suraweera, I Krikidis, G Zheng, C Yuen, PJ Smith
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 13 (2), 913-927, 2014
Energy-efficient cooperative spectrum sensing by optimal scheduling in sensor-aided cognitive radio networks
R Deng, J Chen, C Yuen, P Cheng, Y Sun
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 61 (2), 716-725, 2011
Three-party energy management with distributed energy resources in smart grid
W Tushar, B Chai, C Yuen, DB Smith, KL Wood, Z Yang, HV Poor
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 62 (4), 2487-2498, 2014
Review on energy harvesting and energy management for sustainable wireless sensor networks
ZG Wan, YK Tan, C Yuen
2011 IEEE 13th international conference on communication technology, 362-367, 2011
Wireless energy and information transfer tradeoff for limited-feedback multiantenna systems with energy beamforming
X Chen, C Yuen, Z Zhang
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 63 (1), 407-412, 2013
Physical layer security of TAS/MRC with antenna correlation
N Yang, HA Suraweera, IB Collings, C Yuen
IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security 8 (1), 254-259, 2012
Peak-to-average ratio constrained demand-side management with consumer's preference in residential smart grid
Y Liu, C Yuen, S Huang, NU Hassan, X Wang, S Xie
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing 8 (6), 1084-1097, 2014
Multi-pair amplify-and-forward relaying with very large antenna arrays
HA Suraweera, HQ Ngo, TQ Duong, C Yuen, EG Larsson
2013 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 4635-4640, 2013
Distortion-aware concurrent multipath transfer for mobile video streaming in heterogeneous wireless networks
J Wu, B Cheng, C Yuen, Y Shang, J Chen
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Design of a scalable hybrid MAC protocol for heterogeneous M2M networks
Y Liu, C Yuen, X Cao, NU Hassan, J Chen
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Indoor positioning using visible led lights: A survey
NU Hassan, A Naeem, MA Pasha, T Jadoon, C Yuen
ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) 48 (2), 1-32, 2015
Energy efficiency tradeoff mechanism towards wireless green communication: A survey
R Mahapatra, Y Nijsure, G Kaddoum, NU Hassan, C Yuen
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 18 (1), 686-705, 2015
Large-scale MIMO relaying techniques for physical layer security: AF or DF?
X Chen, L Lei, H Zhang, C Yuen
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 14 (9), 5135-5146, 2015
Multi-antenna relay aided wireless physical layer security
X Chen, C Zhong, C Yuen, HH Chen
IEEE Communications Magazine 53 (12), 40-46, 2015
Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces for energy efficiency in wireless communication
C Huang, A Zappone, GC Alexandropoulos, M Debbah, C Yuen
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 18 (8), 4157-4170, 2019
Four-Group Decodable Space–Time Block Codes
DN Dao, C Yuen, C Tellambura, YL Guan, TT Tjhung
Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on 56 (1), 424-430, 2008
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