William F. Schneider
William F. Schneider
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Equimolar CO2 absorption by anion-functionalized ionic liquids
BE Gurkan, JC de la Fuente, EM Mindrup, LE Ficke, BF Goodrich, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (7), 2116-2117, 2010
The chemistry of water on alumina surfaces: Reaction dynamics from first principles
KC Hass, WF Schneider, A Curioni, W Andreoni
science 282 (5387), 265-268, 1998
The environmental impact of CFC replacements HFCs and HCFCs
TJ Wallington, WF Schneider, DR Worsnop, OJ Nielsen, J Sehested, ...
Environmental science & technology 28 (7), 320A-326A, 1994
Molecular design of high capacity, low viscosity, chemically tunable ionic liquids for CO2 capture
B Gurkan, BF Goodrich, EM Mindrup, LE Ficke, M Massel, S Seo, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 1 (24), 3494-3499, 2010
First-principles molecular dynamics simulations of H2O on α-Al2O3 (0001)
KC Hass, WF Schneider, A Curioni, W Andreoni
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 104 (23), 5527-5540, 2000
Density functional theory comparison of water dissociation steps on Cu, Au, Ni, Pd, and Pt
AA Phatak, WN Delgass, FH Ribeiro, WF Schneider
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (17), 7269-7276, 2009
Critical review of Pd-based catalytic treatment of priority contaminants in water
BP Chaplin, M Reinhard, WF Schneider, C Schüth, JR Shapley, ...
Environmental science & technology 46 (7), 3655-3670, 2012
Catalysis in a cage: condition-dependent speciation and dynamics of exchanged Cu cations in SSZ-13 zeolites
C Paolucci, AA Parekh, I Khurana, JR Di Iorio, H Li, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (18), 6028-6048, 2016
Dynamic multinuclear sites formed by mobilized copper ions in NOx selective catalytic reduction
C Paolucci, I Khurana, AA Parekh, S Li, AJ Shih, H Li, JR Di Iorio, ...
Science 357 (6354), 898-903, 2017
Identification of the active Cu site in standard selective catalytic reduction with ammonia on Cu-SSZ-13
SA Bates, AA Verma, C Paolucci, AA Parekh, T Anggara, A Yezerets, ...
Journal of catalysis 312, 87-97, 2014
Thermodynamics of environment-dependent oxygen chemisorption on Pt (111)
RB Getman, Y Xu, WF Schneider
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (26), 9559-9572, 2008
Isolation of the Copper Redox Steps in the Standard Selective Catalytic Reduction on Cu‐SSZ‐13
C Paolucci, AA Verma, SA Bates, VF Kispersky, JT Miller, R Gounder, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (44), 11828-11833, 2014
Integrated operando X-ray absorption and DFT characterization of Cu–SSZ-13 exchange sites during the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3
JS McEwen, T Anggara, WF Schneider, VF Kispersky, JT Miller, ...
Catalysis Today 184 (1), 129-144, 2012
Qualitative Differences in the Adsorption Chemistry of Acidic (CO2, SOx) and Amphiphilic (NOx) Species on the Alkaline Earth Oxides
WF Schneider
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (1), 273-282, 2004
Atmospheric Chemistry of HFE-7100 (C4F9OCH3): Reaction with OH Radicals, UV Spectra and Kinetic Data for C4F9OCH2⊙ and C4F9OCH2O2⊙ Radicals, and the Atmospheric Fate of …
TJ Wallington, WF Schneider, J Sehested, M Bilde, J Platz, OJ Nielsen, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 101 (44), 8264-8274, 1997
Tracking iodide and bromide ion segregation in mixed halide lead perovskites during photoirradiation
SJ Yoon, S Draguta, JS Manser, O Sharia, WF Schneider, M Kuno, ...
ACS Energy Letters 1 (1), 290-296, 2016
Chemically tunable ionic liquids with aprotic heterocyclic anion (AHA) for CO2 capture
S Seo, M Quiroz-Guzman, MA DeSilva, TB Lee, Y Huang, BF Goodrich, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 118 (21), 5740-5751, 2014
Atmospheric Chemistry of the Phenoxy Radical, C6H5O(•):  UV Spectrum and Kinetics of Its Reaction with NO, NO2, and O2
J Platz, OJ Nielsen, TJ Wallington, JC Ball, MD Hurley, AM Straccia, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 102 (41), 7964-7974, 1998
Oxygen-coverage effects on molecular dissociations at a Pt metal surface
RB Getman, WF Schneider, AD Smeltz, WN Delgass, FH Ribeiro
Physical review letters 102 (7), 076101, 2009
NO oxidation over supported Pt: Impact of precursor, support, loading, and processing conditions evaluated via high throughput experimentation
PJ Schmitz, RJ Kudla, AR Drews, AE Chen, CK Lowe-Ma, RW McCabe, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 67 (3-4), 246-256, 2006
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