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Beatriz Diaz Pauli
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Fisheries-Induced Evolution
M Heino, B Diaz Pauli, U Dieckmann
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Behavioural responses to human‐induced change: Why fishing should not be ignored
B Diaz Pauli, A Sih
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B Diaz Pauli, M Wiech, M Heino, AC Utne‐Palm
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Strong inbreeding depression in male mating behaviour in a poeciliid fish
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Water turbidity constrains male mating success in a marine fish
M Järvenpää, BD Pauli, K Lindström
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Fishing Can Turn Big Fish Into Small Fish
B Diaz Pauli, V Bartuseviciute, M Heino
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C Evangelista, LA Vøllestad, B Diaz Pauli, E Edeline
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Size-dependent harvesting modifies the trophic niche of medaka Oryzias latipes in a mesocosm experiment
C Evangelista, J Dupeu, J Sandkjenn, BD Pauli, A Herland, J Meriguet, ...
The 2019 Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology, 2019
Selection for small size affects the pace-of-life syndrome in medaka impacting the invertebrate community
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Contemporary evolution caused by fisheries: Contributions from experimental studies
B Diaz Pauli
The University of Bergen, 2012
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