Guillermo P. Acuna
Guillermo P. Acuna
Professor of Physics. University of Fribourg
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Fluorescence enhancement at docking sites of DNA-directed self-assembled nanoantennas
GP Acuna, FM Möller, P Holzmeister, S Beater, B Lalkens, P Tinnefeld
Science 338 (6106), 506-510, 2012
Distance dependence of single-fluorophore quenching by gold nanoparticles studied on DNA origami
GP Acuna, M Bucher, IH Stein, C Steinhauer, A Kuzyk, P Holzmeister, ...
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Detection of community structures in networks via global optimization
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DNA origami route for nanophotonics
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D Wang, C Vietz, T Schröder, G Acuna, B Lalkens, P Tinnefeld
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Broadband fluorescence enhancement with self-assembled silver nanoparticle optical antennas
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Single-molecule positioning in zeromode waveguides by DNA origami nanoadapters
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Shifting molecular localization by plasmonic coupling in a single-molecule mirage
M Raab, C Vietz, FD Stefani, GP Acuna, P Tinnefeld
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Surface plasmons in terahertz metamaterials
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Distance control in-between plasmonic nanoparticles via biological and polymeric spacers
X Yu, DY Lei, F Amin, R Hartmann, GP Acuna, A Guerrero-Martínez, ...
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Plasmonics enhanced smartphone fluorescence microscopy
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Optical nanoantenna for single molecule-based detection of zika virus nucleic acids without molecular multiplication
SE Ochmann, C Vietz, K Trofymchuk, GP Acuna, B Lalkens, P Tinnefeld
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Placing individual molecules in the center of nanoapertures
SF Heucke, F Baumann, GP Acuna, PMD Severin, SW Stahl, ...
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Plasmon-assisted Förster resonance energy transfer at the single-molecule level in the moderate quenching regime
J Bohlen, Á Cuartero-González, E Pibiri, D Ruhlandt, ...
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Strong Plasmonic Enhancement of a Single Peridinin–Chlorophyll a–Protein Complex on DNA Origami-Based Optical Antennas
I Kaminska, J Bohlen, S Mackowski, P Tinnefeld, GP Acuna
ACS nano 12 (2), 1650-1655, 2018
Sculpting light by arranging optical components with DNA nanostructures
M Pilo-Pais, GP Acuna, P Tinnefeld, T Liedl
MRS bulletin 42 (12), 936-942, 2017
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