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Coordination chemistry of 1, 3, 5-triaza-7-phosphaadamantane (PTA): Transition metal complexes and related catalytic, medicinal and photoluminescent applications
AD Phillips, L Gonsalvi, A Romerosa, F Vizza, M Peruzzini
Coordination chemistry reviews 248 (11-12), 955-993, 2004
P4 Activation by Late-Transition Metal Complexes
M Caporali, L Gonsalvi, A Rossin, M Peruzzini
Chemical reviews 110 (7), 4178-4235, 2010
Coordination chemistry of 1, 3, 5-triaza-7-phosphaadamantane (PTA) and derivatives. Part II. The quest for tailored ligands, complexes and related applications
J Bravo, S Bolaño, L Gonsalvi, M Peruzzini
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 254 (5-6), 555-607, 2010
Coordination chemistry and functionalization of white phosphorus via transition metal complexes
M Peruzzini, L Gonsalvi, A Romerosa
Chemical Society Reviews 34 (12), 1038-1047, 2005
In vitro evaluation of rhodium and osmium RAPTA analogues: The case for organometallic anticancer drugs not based on ruthenium
A Dorcier, WH Ang, S Bolano, L Gonsalvi, L Juillerat-Jeannerat, ...
Organometallics 25 (17), 4090-4096, 2006
Efficient and mild carbon dioxide hydrogenation to formate catalyzed by Fe (II) hydrido carbonyl complexes bearing 2, 6-(diaminopyridyl) diphosphine pincer ligands
F Bertini, N Gorgas, B Stöger, M Peruzzini, LF Veiros, K Kirchner, ...
ACS Catalysis 6 (5), 2889-2893, 2016
Carbon dioxide hydrogenation catalysed by well-defined Mn (I) PNP pincer hydride complexes
F Bertini, M Glatz, N Gorgas, B Stöger, M Peruzzini, LF Veiros, K Kirchner, ...
Chemical science 8 (7), 5024-5029, 2017
Stable, water‐soluble Pta‐based Ru–Ag organometallic polymers
C Lidrissi, A Romerosa, M Saoud, M Serrano‐Ruiz, L Gonsalvi, ...
Angewandte Chemie 117 (17), 2624-2628, 2005
Steric and Electronic Effects on the Reactivity of Rh and Ir Complexes Containing P− S, P− P, and P− O Ligands. Implications for the Effects of Chelate Ligands in Catalysis
L Gonsalvi, H Adams, GJ Sunley, E Ditzel, A Haynes
Journal of the American Chemical Society 124 (45), 13597-13612, 2002
Formic acid dehydrogenation catalysed by ruthenium complexes bearing the tripodal ligands triphos and NP 3
I Mellone, M Peruzzini, L Rosi, D Mellmann, H Junge, M Beller, L Gonsalvi
Dalton Transactions 42 (7), 2495-2501, 2013
Iron(II) Complexes of the Linear rac-Tetraphos-1 Ligand as Efficient Homogeneous Catalysts for Sodium Bicarbonate Hydrogenation and Formic Acid …
F Bertini, I Mellone, A Ienco, M Peruzzini, L Gonsalvi
ACS Catalysis 5 (2), 1254-1265, 2015
Influence of Structural Variation on the Anticancer Activity of RAPTA-Type Complexes: ptn versus pta
AK Renfrew, AD Phillips, AE Egger, CG Hartinger, SS Bosquain, ...
Organometallics 28 (4), 1165-1172, 2009
Quantifying steric effects of α-diimine ligands. Oxidative addition of MeI to rhodium (I) and migratory insertion in rhodium (III) complexes
L Gonsalvi, JA Gaunt, H Adams, A Castro, GJ Sunley, A Haynes
Organometallics 22 (5), 1047-1054, 2003
Synthesis, catalytic properties and biological activity of new water soluble ruthenium cyclopentadienyl PTA complexes [(C 5 R 5) RuCl (PTA) 2](R= H, Me; PTA= 1, 3, 5-triaza-7 …
DN Akbayeva, L Gonsalvi, W Oberhauser, M Peruzzini, F Vizza, ...
Chemical communications, 264-265, 2003
A dramatic steric effect on the rate of migratory CO insertion on rhodium
L Gonsalvi, H Adams, GJ Sunley, E Ditzel, A Haynes
Journal of the American Chemical Society 121 (48), 11233-11234, 1999
Water soluble ruthenium cyclopentadienyl and aminocyclopentadienyl PTA complexes as catalysts for selective hydrogenation of α, β-unsaturated substrates (PTA= 1, 3, 5-triaza-7 …
S Bolaño, L Gonsalvi, F Zanobini, F Vizza, V Bertolasi, A Romerosa, ...
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 224 (1-2), 61-70, 2004
Selective formic acid dehydrogenation catalyzed by Fe-PNP pincer complexes based on the 2, 6-diaminopyridine scaffold
I Mellone, N Gorgas, F Bertini, M Peruzzini, K Kirchner, L Gonsalvi
Organometallics 35 (19), 3344-3349, 2016
Rationalization of the inhibition activity of structurally related organometallic compounds against the drug target cathepsin B by DFT
A Casini, F Edafe, M Erlandsson, L Gonsalvi, A Ciancetta, N Re, A Ienco, ...
Dalton Transactions 39 (23), 5556-5563, 2010
Phase Transitions and CO2 Adsorption Properties of Polymeric Magnesium Formate
A Rossin, A Ienco, F Costantino, T Montini, B Di Credico, M Caporali, ...
Crystal Growth and Design 8 (9), 3302-3308, 2008
Aerobic Oxidation of Cycloalkanes, Alcohols and Ethylbenzene Catalyzed by the Novel Carbon Radical Chain Promoter NHS (N‐Hydroxysaccharin)
X Baucherel, L Gonsalvi, IWCE Arends, S Ellwood, RA Sheldon
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 346 (2‐3), 286-296, 2004
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