Karsten Rippe
Karsten Rippe
Head of Division of Chromatin Networks, DKFZ & BioQuant
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Capturing chromosome conformation
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Pan-cancer analysis of whole genomes
I The, TPCA of Whole, Genomes Consortium
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Loss of the abundant nuclear non-coding RNA MALAT1 is compatible with life and development
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Making contacts on a nucleic acid polymer
K Rippe
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Alternating d (G‐A) sequences form a parallel‐stranded DNA homoduplex.
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HP1 is involved in regulating the global impact of DNA methylation on alternative splicing
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Epigenetic upregulation of lncRNAs at 13q14. 3 in leukemia is linked to the In Cis downregulation of a gene cluster that targets NF-kB
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N Kepper, D Foethke, R Stehr, G Wedemann, K Rippe
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