Lior Sheffer
Lior Sheffer
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Nonrepresentative Representatives: An Experimental Study of the Decision Making of Elected Politicians
L Sheffer, P Loewen, S Walgrave, S Soroka, T Shaefer
American Political Science Review 112 (2), 302-321, 2018
Beauty contests and strategic voting
PJ Loewen, K Hinton, L Sheffer
Electoral Studies 38, 38-45, 2015
Electoral confidence, overconfidence, and risky behavior: Evidence from a study with elected politicians
L Sheffer, P Loewen
Political Behavior 41 (1), 31-51, 2019
A Formal Model for Social Blame
L Sheffer
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2010
Peer Perception by Politicians: Evidence from Ultimatum Games Experiments with Incumbent Legislators
L Sheffer, PJ Loewen
2019 Midwest Political Science Association Conference, 2019
Prospect Theory and Political Decision-Making
JG Stein, L Sheffer
The Oxford Handbook of Behavioral Political Science, 2019
Accountability, Framing Effects, and Risk-Seeking by Elected Representatives: An Experimental Study with American Local Politicians
L Sheffer, PJ Loewen
Political Research Quarterly 72 (1), 49-62, 2019
Partisan In-Group Bias Dynamics Before and After Elections
L Sheffer
2018 Toronto Political Behaviour Workshop, 2018
Behavioural Foundations of Elite Politics: How Individual-Level Characteristics Shape the Decision Making of Elected Politicians
L Sheffer
A Theory of Strategic Frame Production by Politicians
L Sheffer, 2017
Evaluations of Politicians’ Facial Traits Correlate with Their Decision-Making
L Sheffer, PJ Loewen, 2014
Experimental Evidence on the Sensitivity of Rational Choice Models to Behavioral Anomalies across Populations
JG Stein, P Loewen, L Sheffer
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