Per Tynelius
Per Tynelius
Statistician, Centre for Epidemiology and Community Medicine, Karolinska Institutet
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Trends in adult body-mass index in 200 countries from 1975 to 2014: a pooled analysis of 1698 population-based measurement studies with 19· 2 million participants
NCD Risk Factor Collaboration
The Lancet 387 (10026), 1377-1396, 2016
Worldwide trends in body-mass index, underweight, overweight, and obesity from 1975 to 2016: a pooled analysis of 2416 population-based measurement studies in 128· 9 million …
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Paternal age and schizophrenia: a population based cohort study
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Muscular strength in male adolescents and premature death: cohort study of one million participants
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Heritability of body size and muscle strength in young adulthood: a study of one million Swedish men
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Association of blood pressure in late adolescence with subsequent mortality: cohort study of Swedish male conscripts
J Sundström, M Neovius, P Tynelius, F Rasmussen
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Association of body size and muscle strength with incidence of coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular diseases: a population-based cohort study of one million Swedish men
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A century of trends in adult human height
NCD Risk Factor Collaboration
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Association of childhood socioeconomic position with cause-specific mortality in a prospective record linkage study of 1,839,384 individuals
DA Lawlor, JAC Sterne, P Tynelius, G Davey Smith, F Rasmussen
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Association of body mass index with suicide mortality: a prospective cohort study of more than one million men
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Patterns of fetal and childhood growth and the development of psychosis in young males: a cohort study
D Gunnell, F Rasmussen, D Fouskakis, P Tynelius, G Harrison
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Intelligence in early adulthood and subsequent hospitalisation and admission rates for the whole range of mental disorders: longitudinal study of 1,049,663 men
CR Gale, GD Batty, P Tynelius, IJ Deary, F Rasmussen
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Childhood socioeconomic position and objectively measured physical capability levels in adulthood: a systematic review and meta-analysis
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Obesity and attained education: cohort study of more than 700,000 Swedish men
N Karnehed, F Rasmussen, T Hemmingsson, P Tynelius
Obesity 14 (8), 1421-1428, 2006
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