Fredrik Wermeling
Fredrik Wermeling
Associate Professor
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Intravenous gammaglobulin suppresses inflammation through a novel TH2 pathway
RM Anthony, T Kobayashi, F Wermeling, JV Ravetch
Nature 475 (7354), 110-113, 2011
Identification of a receptor required for the anti-inflammatory activity of IVIG
RM Anthony, F Wermeling, MCI Karlsson, JV Ravetch
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Novel roles for the IgG Fc glycan
RM Anthony, F Wermeling, JV Ravetch
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Class A scavenger receptors regulate tolerance against apoptotic cells, and autoantibodies against these receptors are predictive of systemic lupus
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WASP confers selective advantage for specific hematopoietic cell populations and serves a unique role in marginal zone B-cell homeostasis and function
LS Westerberg, MA de la Fuente, F Wermeling, HD Ochs, MCI Karlsson, ...
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Invariant NKT cells limit activation of autoreactive CD1d-positive B cells
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FNDC4 acts as an anti-inflammatory factor on macrophages and improves colitis in mice
M Bosma, M Gerling, J Pasto, A Georgiadi, E Graham, O Shilkova, Y Iwata, ...
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A regulatory role for macrophage class A scavenger receptors in TLR4‐mediated LPS responses
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Cartilage-binding antibodies induce pain through immune complex–mediated activation of neurons
A Bersellini Farinotti, G Wigerblad, D Nascimento, DB Bas, ...
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Differential ACPA binding to nuclear antigens reveals a PAD-independent pathway and a distinct subset of acetylation cross-reactive autoantibodies in rheumatoid arthritis
KA Lloyd, G Wigerblad, P Sahlström, MG Garimella, K Chemin, J Steen, ...
Frontiers in immunology 9, 3033, 2019
Germinal center–derived antibodies promote atherosclerosis plaque size and stability
M Centa, H Jin, L Hofste, S Hellberg, A Busch, R Baumgartner, ...
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Prolonged antigen‐exposure with carbohydrate particle based vaccination prevents allergic immune responses in sensitized mice
S Thunberg, T Neimert‐Andersson, Q Cheng, F Wermeling, U Bergström, ...
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Invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cells prevent autoimmunity, but induce pulmonary inflammation in cystic fibrosis
N Siegmann, D Worbs, F Effinger, T Bormann, M Gebhardt, M Ulrich, ...
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Acute inflammation primes myeloid effector cells for anti-inflammatory STAT6 signaling
F Wermeling, RM Anthony, F Brombacher, JV Ravetch
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IL-2 in the tumor microenvironment is necessary for Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein deficient NK cells to respond to tumors in vivo
JS Kritikou, CIM Dahlberg, MAP Baptista, AK Wagner, PP Banerjee, ...
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Autoimmunity and cystatin SA1 deficiency behind chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis in autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1
E Lindh, J Brännström, P Jones, F Wermeling, S Hässler, C Betterle, ...
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IL-4 controls activated neutrophil FcγR2b expression and migration into inflamed joints
SK Panda, G Wigerblad, L Jiang, Y Jiménez-Andrade, VS Iyer, Y Shen, ...
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An anatomical view on macrophages in tolerance
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Neutrophil recruitment to noninvasive MRSA at the stratum corneum of human skin mediates transient colonization
A Schulz, L Jiang, L de Vor, M Ehrström, F Wermeling, L Eidsmo, ...
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Scavenger receptors as regulators of natural antibody responses and B cell activation in autoimmunity
ED Jordö, F Wermeling, Y Chen, MCI Karlsson
Molecular immunology 48 (11), 1307-1318, 2011
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