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Towards the solution of the many-electron problem in real materials: Equation of state of the hydrogen chain with state-of-the-art many-body methods
M Motta, DM Ceperley, GKL Chan, JA Gomez, E Gull, S Guo, ...
Physical Review X 7 (3), 031059, 2017
Dysprosium magneto-optical traps
SH Youn, M Lu, U Ray, BL Lev
Physical Review A 82 (4), 043425, 2010
Probing the Bose glass–superfluid transition using quantum quenches of disorder
C Meldgin, U Ray, P Russ, D Chen, DM Ceperley, B DeMarco
Nature Physics 10 (1038), 2016
Direct comparison of many-body methods for realistic electronic Hamiltonians
KT Williams, Y Yao, J Li, L Chen, H Shi, M Motta, C Niu, U Ray, S Guo, ...
Physical Review X 10 (1), 011041, 2020
Exact fluctuations of nonequilibrium steady states from approximate auxiliary dynamics
U Ray, GKL Chan, DT Limmer
Physical review letters 120 (21), 210602, 2018
Importance sampling large deviations in nonequilibrium steady states. I
U Ray, GKL Chan, DT Limmer
The Journal of chemical physics 148 (12), 124120, 2018
Ground-state properties of the hydrogen chain: Dimerization, insulator-to-metal transition, and magnetic phases
M Motta, C Genovese, F Ma, ZH Cui, R Sawaya, GKL Chan, N Chepiga, ...
Physical Review X 10 (3), 031058, 2020
Metastable Bose-Einstein condensation in a strongly correlated optical lattice
D McKay, U Ray, S Natu, P Russ, D Ceperley, B DeMarco
Physical Review A 91 (2), 023625, 2015
Dynamical phase behavior of the single-and multi-lane asymmetric simple exclusion process via matrix product states
P Helms, U Ray, GKL Chan
Physical Review E 100 (2), 022101, 2019
Revealing the condensate and noncondensate distributions in the inhomogeneous Bose-Hubbard model
U Ray, DM Ceperley
Physical Review A 87 (5), 051603, 2013
Finite-temperature density matrix embedding theory
C Sun, U Ray, ZH Cui, M Stoudenmire, M Ferrero, GKL Chan
Physical Review B 101 (7), 075131, 2020
Ground-state phase diagram of the three-band Hubbard model from density matrix embedding theory
ZH Cui, C Sun, U Ray, BX Zheng, Q Sun, GKL Chan
Physical Review Research 2 (4), 043259, 2020
Properties of the superfluid in the disordered Bose-Hubbard model
BR De Abreu, U Ray, SA Vitiello, DM Ceperley
Physical Review A 98 (2), 023628, 2018
Constructing auxiliary dynamics for nonequilibrium stationary states by variance minimization
U Ray, G Kin-Lic Chan
The Journal of chemical physics 152 (10), 104107, 2020
Simons Collaboration on the Many-Electron Problem
KT Williams, Y Yao, J Li, L Chen, H Shi, M Motta, C Niu, U Ray, S Guo, ...
Phys. Rev. X 10 (1), 60, 2020
Properties of dirty bosons in disordered optical lattices
U Ray
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2015
Numerical simulation of thermal noise in Josephson circuits
K Segall, D Schult, U Ray, T Ohsumi
arXiv preprint arXiv:1110.0172, 2011
Heat current fluctuations and anomalous transport in low-dimensional carbon lattices
U Ray, DT Limmer
Physical Review B 100 (24), 241409, 2019
Measurements of phase correlations between polarization entangled photons
EJ Galvez, M Malik, BC Melius, B Gadway, U Ray
International Conference on Quantum Information, JWC46, 2007
Publisher’s Note: Towards the Solution of the Many-Electron Problem in Real Materials: Equation of State of the Hydrogen Chain with State-of-the-Art Many-Body Methods [Phys …
M Motta, DM Ceperley, GKL Chan, JA Gomez, E Gull, S Guo, ...
Physical Review. X 11 (2), 2021
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