Brad Verhulst
Brad Verhulst
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The heritability of alcohol use disorders: a meta-analysis of twin and adoption studies
B Verhulst, MC Neale, KS Kendler
Psychological medicine 45 (5), 1061-1072, 2015
Correlation not causation: The relationship between personality traits and political ideologies
B Verhulst, LJ Eaves, PK Hatemi
American journal of political science 56 (1), 34-51, 2012
The attractiveness halo: Why some candidates are perceived more favorably than others
B Verhulst, M Lodge, H Lavine
Journal of nonverbal behavior 34 (2), 111-117, 2010
Genetic influences on political ideologies: Twin analyses of 19 measures of political ideologies from five democracies and genome-wide findings from three populations
PK Hatemi, SE Medland, R Klemmensen, S Oskarsson, L Littvay, ...
Behavior genetics 44 (3), 282-294, 2014
The nature of the relationship between personality traits and political attitudes
B Verhulst, PK Hatemi, NG Martin
Personality and Individual Differences 49 (4), 306-316, 2010
A genetically informed study of the longitudinal relation between irritability and anxious/depressed symptoms
J Savage, B Verhulst, W Copeland, RR Althoff, P Lichtenstein, ...
Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 54 (5), 377-384, 2015
Integrating social science and genetics: News from the political front
PK Hatemi, CT Dawes, A Frost-Keller, JE Settle, B Verhulst
Biodemography and Social Biology 57 (1), 67-87, 2011
Political attitudes develop independently of personality traits
PK Hatemi, B Verhulst
PloS one 10 (3), 2015
Conformity in groups: The effects of others’ views on expressed attitudes and attitude change
LC Levitan, B Verhulst
Political Behavior 38 (2), 277-315, 2016
A power calculator for the classical twin design
B Verhulst
Behavior genetics 47 (2), 255-261, 2017
Disentangling the importance of psychological predispositions and social constructions in the organization of American political ideology
B Verhulst, PK Hatemi, LJ Eaves
Political Psychology 33 (3), 375-393, 2012
Gene-environment interplay in twin models
B Verhulst, PK Hatemi
Political Analysis 21 (3), 368-389, 2013
Using genetic information to test causal relationships in cross-sectional data
B Verhulst, R Estabrook
Journal of theoretical politics 24 (3), 328-344, 2012
The effects of social anxiety on alcohol and cigarette use across adolescence: Results from a longitudinal twin study in Finland.
JE Savage, J Kaprio, T Korhonen, L Pulkkinen, RJ Rose, B Verhulst, ...
Psychology of Addictive Behaviors 30 (4), 462, 2016
The genetic and environmental contributions to internet use and associations with psychopathology: a twin study
EC Long, B Verhulst, MC Neale, PA Lind, IB Hickie, NG Martin, ...
Twin Research and Human Genetics 19 (1), 1-9, 2016
Conscious and unconscious information processing with implications for experimental political science
M Lodge, C Taber, B Verhulst
Cambridge handbook of experimental political science, 280, 2011
A powerful phenotype for gene‐finding studies derived from trajectory analyses of symptoms of anxiety and depression between age seven and 18
GH Lubke, PJ Miller, B Verhulst, M Bartels, T van Beijsterveldt, ...
American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics 171 …, 2016
Genetic and environmental influences on the codevelopment among borderline personality disorder traits, major depression symptoms, and substance use disorder symptoms from …
MA Bornovalova, B Verhulst, T Webber, M McGue, WG Iacono, BM Hicks
Development and psychopathology 30 (1), 49-65, 2018
GW-SEM: a statistical package to conduct genome-wide structural equation modeling
B Verhulst, HH Maes, MC Neale
Behavior genetics 47 (3), 345-359, 2017
Genetic network properties of the human cortex based on regional thickness and surface area measures
AR Docherty, MS Panizzon, CK Sawyers, MC Neale, LT Eyler, ...
Frontiers in human neuroscience 9, 440, 2015
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