Jussi Toppari
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Vacuum Rabi splitting and strong-coupling dynamics for surface-plasmon polaritons and rhodamine 6G molecules
TK Hakala, JJ Toppari, A Kuzyk, M Pettersson, H Tikkanen, H Kunttu, ...
Physical review letters 103 (5), 053602, 2009
Dielectrophoretic trapping of DNA origami
A Kuzyk, B Yurke, JJ Toppari, V Linko, P Törmä
Small 4 (4), 447-450, 2008
Carbon nanotubes as electrodes for dielectrophoresis of DNA
S Tuukkanen, JJ Toppari, A Kuzyk, L Hirviniemi, VP Hytönen, T Ihalainen, ...
Nano Letters 6 (7), 1339-1343, 2006
Dielectrophoresis of nanoscale double-stranded DNA and humidity effects on its electrical conductivity
S Tuukkanen, A Kuzyk, JJ Toppari, VP Hytönen, T Ihalainen, P Törmä
Applied Physics Letters 87 (18), 183102, 2005
Adiabatic transport of Cooper pairs in arrays of Josephson junctions
JP Pekola, JJ Toppari, M Aunola, MT Savolainen, DV Averin
Physical Review B 60 (14), R9931, 1999
Trapping of 27 bp–8 kbp DNA and immobilization of thiol-modified DNA using dielectrophoresis
S Tuukkanen, A Kuzyk, JJ Toppari, H Häkkinen, VP Hytönen, E Niskanen, ...
Nanotechnology 18 (29), 295204, 2007
One dimensional arrays and solitary tunnel junctions in the weak Coulomb blockade regime: CBT thermometry
S Farhangfar, KP Hirvi, JP Kauppinen, JP Pekola, JJ Toppari, DV Averin, ...
Journal of low temperature physics 108 (1-2), 191-215, 1997
ALD grown aluminum oxide submonolayers in dye-sensitized solar cells: The effect on interfacial electron transfer and performance
LJ Antila, MJ Heikkilä, V Mäkinen, N Humalamäki, M Laitinen, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (33), 16720-16729, 2011
DNA-based enzyme reactors and systems
V Linko, S Nummelin, L Aarnos, K Tapio, JJ Toppari, MA Kostiainen
Nanomaterials 6 (8), 139, 2016
Custom-shaped metal nanostructures based on DNA origami silhouettes
B Shen, V Linko, K Tapio, MA Kostiainen, JJ Toppari
Nanoscale 7 (26), 11267-11272, 2015
Plasmonic nanostructures through DNA-assisted lithography
B Shen, V Linko, K Tapio, S Pikker, T Lemma, A Gopinath, KV Gothelf, ...
Science Advances 4 (2), eaap8978, 2018
Multiscale Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Polaritonic Chemistry
HL Luk, J Feist, JJ Toppari, G Groenhof
Journal of chemical theory and computation 13 (9), 4324-4335, 2017
One-step large-scale deposition of salt-free DNA origami nanostructures
V Linko, B Shen, K Tapio, JJ Toppari, MA Kostiainen, S Tuukkanen
Scientific reports 5, 15634, 2015
Connecting Berry’s phase and the pumped charge in a Cooper pair pump
M Aunola, JJ Toppari
Physical Review B 68 (2), 020502, 2003
Characterization of the conductance mechanisms of DNA origami by AC impedance spectroscopy
V Linko, ST Paasonen, A Kuzyk, P Törmä, JJ Toppari
Small 5 (21), 2382-2386, 2009
High-yield of memory elements from carbon nanotube field-effect transistors with atomic layer deposited gate dielectric
M Rinkiö, A Johansson, MY Zavodchikova, JJ Toppari, AG Nasibulin, ...
New Journal of Physics 10 (10), 103019, 2008
Dielectrophoretic trapping of multilayer DNA origami nanostructures and DNA origami‐induced local destruction of silicon dioxide
B Shen, V Linko, H Dietz, JJ Toppari
Electrophoresis 36 (2), 255-262, 2015
Fabrication of mesoscopic superconducting Nb wires using conventional electron-beam lithographic techniques
N Kim, K Hansen, J Toppari, T Suppula, J Pekola
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 2002
Toward Single Electron Nanoelectronics Using Self-Assembled DNA Structure
K Tapio, J Leppiniemi, B Shen, VP Hytönen, W Fritzsche, JJ Toppari
Nano letters 16 (11), 6780-6786, 2016
Cooper-pair resonances and subgap Coulomb blockade in a superconducting single-electron transistor
JJ Toppari, T Kühn, AP Halvari, J Kinnunen, M Leskinen, GS Paraoanu
Physical Review B 76 (17), 172505, 2007
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