Rickard Arvidsson
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Environmental assessment of emerging technologies: recommendations for prospective LCA
R Arvidsson, AM Tillman, BA Sandén, M Janssen, A Nordelöf, D Kushnir, ...
Journal of Industrial Ecology 22 (6), 1286-1294, 2018
Life cycle assessment of cellulose nanofibrils production by mechanical treatment and two different pretreatment processes
R Arvidsson, D Nguyen, M Svanström
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Life cycle assessment of hydrotreated vegetable oil from rape, oil palm and Jatropha
R Arvidsson, S Persson, M Fröling, M Svanström
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Exploring the planetary boundary for chemical pollution
ML Diamond, CA de Wit, S Molander, M Scheringer, T Backhaus, ...
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Prospective life cycle assessment of graphene production by ultrasonication and chemical reduction
R Arvidsson, D Kushnir, BA Sandén, S Molander
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Challenges in exposure modeling of nanoparticles in aquatic environments
R Arvidsson, S Molander, BA Sandén, M Hassellöv
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Review of potential environmental and health risks of the nanomaterial graphene
R Arvidsson, S Molander, BA Sandén
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Energy use indicators in energy and life cycle assessments of biofuels: review and recommendations
R Arvidsson, K Fransson, M Fröling, M Svanström, S Molander
Journal of Cleaner Production 31, 54-61, 2012
Methodological approaches to end-of-life modelling in life cycle assessments of lithium-ion batteries
A Nordelöf, S Poulikidou, M Chordia, F Bitencourt de Oliveira, J Tivander, ...
Batteries 5 (3), 51, 2019
Environmental life cycle assessment of cemented carbide (WC-Co) production
A Furberg, R Arvidsson, S Molander
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Carbon nanomaterials as potential substitutes for scarce metals
R Arvidsson, BA Sandén
Journal of Cleaner Production 156, 253-261, 2017
A Definition Framework for the Terms Nanomaterial and Nanoparticle
M Boholm, R Arvidsson
NanoEthics 10, 25-40, 2016
A probabilistic model for hydrokinetic turbine collision risks: exploring impacts on fish
L Hammar, L Eggertsen, S Andersson, J Ehnberg, R Arvidsson, ...
PloS one 10 (3), e0117756, 2015
Does the production of an airbag injure more people than the airbag saves in traffic? Opting for an empirically based approach to social life cycle assessment
H Baumann, R Arvidsson, H Tong, Y Wang
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Energy and resource use assessment of graphene as a substitute for indium tin oxide in transparent electrodes
R Arvidsson, D Kushnir, S Molander, BA Sandén
Journal of Cleaner Production 132, 289-297, 2016
Impacts of a Silver‐Coated Future: Particle Flow Analysis of Silver Nanoparticles
R Arvidsson, S Molander, BA Sandén
Journal of Industrial Ecology 15 (6), 844-854, 2011
A framework for energy use indicators and their reporting in life cycle assessment
R Arvidsson, M Svanström
Integrated environmental assessment and management 12 (3), 429-436, 2016
Particle flow analysis: exploring potential use phase emissions of titanium dioxide nanoparticles from sunscreen, paint, and cement
R Arvidsson, S Molander, BA Sandén
Journal of Industrial Ecology 16 (3), 343-351, 2012
An inventory framework for inclusion of textile chemicals in life cycle assessment
S Roos, C Jönsson, S Posner, R Arvidsson, M Svanström
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A method for human health impact assessment in social LCA: lessons from three case studies
R Arvidsson, J Hildenbrand, H Baumann, KMN Islam, R Parsmo
The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 23, 690-699, 2018
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