Guadalupe Peralta
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Complementarity and redundancy of interactions enhance attack rates and spatial stability in host–parasitoid food webs
G Peralta, CM Frost, TA Rand, RK Didham, JM Tylianakis
Ecology 95 (7), 1888-1896, 2014
Community‐level net spillover of natural enemies from managed to natural forest
CM Frost, RK Didham, TA Rand, G Peralta, JM Tylianakis
Ecology 96 (1), 193-202, 2015
Apparent competition drives community-wide parasitism rates and changes in host abundance across ecosystem boundaries
CM Frost, G Peralta, TA Rand, RK Didham, A Varsani, JM Tylianakis
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-12, 2016
Persist or produce: a community trade-off tuned by species evenness
RP Rohr, S Saavedra, G Peralta, CM Frost, LF Bersier, J Bascompte, ...
The American Naturalist 188 (4), 411-422, 2016
Phylogenetic diversity and co‐evolutionary signals among trophic levels change across a habitat edge
G Peralta, CM Frost, RK Didham, A Varsani, JM Tylianakis
Journal of Animal Ecology, 2015
Physical barriers and corridors in urban habitats affect colonisation and parasitism rates of a specialist leaf miner
G Peralta, MS Fenoglio, A Salvo
Ecological Entomology 36 (6), 673-679, 2011
Merging evolutionary history into species interaction networks
G Peralta
Functional Ecology 30 (12), 1917-1925, 2016
Fire influences the structure of plant–bee networks
G Peralta, EL Stevani, NP Chacoff, J Dorado, DP Vázquez
Journal of Animal Ecology 86 (6), 1372-1379, 2017
Non‐random food‐web assembly at habitat edges increases connectivity and functional redundancy
G Peralta, CM Frost, RK Didham, TA Rand, JM Tylianakis
Ecology 98 (4), 995-1005, 2017
Plant, herbivore and parasitoid community composition in native Nothofagaceae forests vs. exotic pine plantations
G Peralta, CM Frost, RK Didham
Journal of applied ecology 55 (3), 1265-1275, 2018
Climatic and local stressor interactions threaten tropical forests and coral reefs
FM França, CE Benkwitt, G Peralta, JPW Robinson, NAJ Graham, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 375 (1794), 20190116, 2020
Effects of environmental gradients on the distribution of harpacticoid copepods in an intertidal flat, Portobello Bay, Otago Harbour, New Zealand
TJ Stringer, JC Korsman, G Peralta, V Keesing, LA Tremblay, CN Glover
New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 46 (3), 385-397, 2012
Towards a framework for understanding the context dependence of impacts of non‐native tree species
SJ Sapsford, AJ Brandt, KT Davis, G Peralta, IA Dickie, RD Gibson, ...
Functional Ecology 34 (5), 944-955, 2020
Trait matching and phenological overlap increase the spatio‐temporal stability and functionality of plant–pollinator interactions
G Peralta, DP Vázquez, NP Chacoff, SB Lomáscolo, GLW Perry, ...
Ecology Letters, 2020
Contrasting responses of soil nematode communities to native and non-native woody plant expansion
G Peralta, NL Schon, IA Dickie, MGS John, KH Orwin, GW Yeates, ...
Oecologia 190 (4), 891-899, 2019
Strength of niche processes for species interactions is lower for generalists and exotic species
G Peralta, GLW Perry, DP Vázquez, DM Dehling, JM Tylianakis
Journal of Animal Ecology, 2020
Similar composition of functional roles in Andean seed‐dispersal networks, despite high species and interaction turnover
DM Dehling, G Peralta, IMA Bender, PG Blendinger, K Böhning‐Gaese, ...
Ecology, e03028, 2020
No such thing as a free lunch: interaction costs and the structure and stability of mutualistic networks
G Peralta, DB Stouffer, EM Bringa, DP Vázquez
Oikos 129 (4), 503-511, 2020
Community-and trophic-level responses of soil nematodes to removal of a non-native tree at different stages of invasion
G Peralta, IA Dickie, GW Yeates, DA Peltzer
PloS one 15 (1), e0227130, 2020
No such thing as a free lunch: interaction costs and the structure and stability of mutualistic networks
EM Bringa, G Peralta, DB Stouffer, DP Vazquez
WILEY, 2020
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