Carl Johan Wallentin
Carl Johan Wallentin
Assistant professor, Gothenburg University
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Visible light-mediated atom transfer radical addition via oxidative and reductive quenching of photocatalysts
CJ Wallentin, JD Nguyen, P Finkbeiner, CRJ Stephenson
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (21), 8875-8884, 2012
Photoredox activation and anion binding catalysis in the dual catalytic enantioselective synthesis of β-amino esters
G Bergonzini, CS Schindler, CJ Wallentin, EN Jacobsen, ...
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G Bergonzini, C Cassani, CJ Wallentin
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Visible‐Light‐Mediated Photocatalytic Difunctionalization of Olefins by Radical Acylarylation and Tandem Acylation/Semipinacol Rearrangement
G Bergonzini, C Cassani, H Lorimer‐Olsson, J Hörberg, CJ Wallentin
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A Hedström, Z Izakian, I Vreto, CJ Wallentin, PO Norrby
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SE Canton, X Zhang, LM Lawson Daku, AL Smeigh, J Zhang, Y Liu, ...
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Highly Accurate Excited-State Structure of [Os(bpy)2dcbpy]2+ Determined by X-ray Transient Absorption Spectroscopy
X Zhang, SE Canton, G Smolentsev, CJ Wallentin, Y Liu, Q Kong, ...
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J Artacho, E Ascic, T Rantanen, J Karlsson, CJ Wallentin, R Wang, ...
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F Pettersson, G Bergonzini, C Cassani, CJ Wallentin
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PF Larsson, CJ Wallentin, PO Norrby
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E Orentas, CJ Wallentin, KE Bergquist, M Lund, E Butkus, K Wärnmark
Angewandte Chemie 123 (9), 2119-2122, 2011
Baker’s yeast for sweet dough enables large-scale synthesis of enantiomerically pure bicyclo [3.3. 1] nonane-2, 6-dione
CJ Wallentin, E Orentas, E Butkus, K Wärnmark
Synthesis 2009 (05), 864-867, 2009
Tröger’s Base Twisted Amides: Endo Functionalization and Synthesis of an Inverted Crown Ether
J Artacho, E Ascic, T Rantanen, CJ Wallentin, S Dawaigher, KE Bergquist, ...
Organic letters 14 (18), 4706-4709, 2012
Synthesis and Self‐Aggregation of Enantiopure and Racemic Molecular Tweezers Based on the Bicyclo [3.3. 1] nonane Framework
CJ Wallentin, T Wixe, OF Wendt, KE Bergquist, K Wärnmark
Chemistry–A European Journal 16 (13), 3994-4002, 2010
Genetically engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae for kinetic resolution of racemic bicyclo [3.3. 1] nonane-2, 6-dione
M Carlquist, CJ Wallentin, K Wärnmark, MF Gorwa-Grauslund
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Network analysis of bicyclo [3.3. 1] nonanes: the diol, the dione and the acetal
CJ Wallentin, E Orentas, MT Johnson, E Butkus, OF Wendt, L Öhrström, ...
CrystEngComm 11 (9), 1837-1841, 2009
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