Hannah Watson
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Transcriptome analysis of a wild bird reveals physiological responses to the urban environment
H Watson, E Videvall, MN Andersson, C Isaksson
Scientific Reports 7, 44180, 2017
Variation in early-life telomere dynamics in a long-lived bird: links to environmental conditions and survival
H Watson, M Bolton, P Monaghan
The Journal of Experimental Biology 218 (5), 668-674, 2015
Out of sight but not out of harm’s way: Human disturbance reduces reproductive success of a cavity-nesting seabird
H Watson, M Bolton, P Monaghan
Biological Conservation 174, 127-133, 2014
Selective disappearance of great tits with short telomeres in urban areas
P Salmón, JF Nilsson, H Watson, S Bensch, C Isaksson
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1862), 20171349, 2017
Fatty acid profiles of great tit (Parus major) eggs differ between urban and rural habitats, but not between coniferous and deciduous forests
A Toledo, MN Andersson, HL Wang, P Salmón, H Watson, GC Burdge, ...
The Science of Nature 103 (7-8), 55, 2016
Maternally derived yolk antioxidants buffer the developing avian embryo against oxidative stress induced by hyperoxia
H Watson, P Salmón, C Isaksson
Journal of Experimental Biology 221 (13), 2018
Assessing the effects of repeated handling on the physiology and condition of semi‐precocial nestlings
H Watson, M Bolton, BJ Heidinger, W Boner, P Monaghan
Ibis 158 (4), 834-843, 2016
The utility of relative environmental suitability (RES) modelling for predicting distributions of seabirds in the North Atlantic
H Watson, JG Hiddink, MJ Hobbs, TM Brereton, MJ Tetley
Marine Ecology Progress Series 485, 259-273, 2013
A theoretical model of the evolution of actuarial senescence under environmental stress
H Watson, AA Cohen, C Isaksson
Experimental Gerontology 71, 80-88, 2015
Effects of the urban environment on oxidative stress in early life: insights from a cross-fostering experiment
P Salmón, H Watson, A Nord, C Isaksson
Integrative and comparative biology 58 (5), 986-994, 2018
The occurrence of hypothermia in nestlings of the European Storm-petrel Hydrobates pelagicus
H Watson
Seabird 26, 106-109, 2014
Consequences of environmental stress exposure for behaviour and physiology of a cavity-nesting seabird
H Watson
University of Glasgow, 2014
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