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Cutting edge: TIGIT has T cell-intrinsic inhibitory functions
N Joller, JP Hafler, B Brynedal, N Kassam, S Spoerl, SD Levin, ...
The Journal of Immunology 186 (3), 1338-1342, 2011
HLA-A confers an HLA-DRB1 independent influence on the risk of multiple sclerosis
B Brynedal, K Duvefelt, G Jonasdottir, IM Roos, E Åkesson, J Palmgren, ...
PloS one 2 (7), e664, 2007
Different HLA-DRB1 allele distributions in distinct clinical subgroups of sarcoidosis patients
J Grunewald, B Brynedal, P Darlington, M Nisell, K Cederlund, J Hillert, ...
Respiratory research 11, 1-7, 2010
IL12A, MPHOSPH9/CDK2AP1 and RGS1 are novel multiple sclerosis susceptibility loci
International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium
Genes and immunity 11 (5), 397, 2010
The impact of HLA‐A and‐DRB1 on age at onset, disease course and severity in Scandinavian multiple sclerosis patients
C Smestad, B Brynedal, G Jonasdottir, ÅR Lorentzen, T Masterman, ...
European journal of neurology 14 (8), 835-840, 2007
Importance of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class I and II alleles on the risk of multiple sclerosis
J Link, I Kockum, ÅR Lorentzen, BA Lie, EG Celius, H Westerlind, ...
PloS one 7 (5), e36779, 2012
Large-scale trans-eQTLs affect hundreds of transcripts and mediate patterns of transcriptional co-regulation
B Brynedal, JM Choi, T Raj, R Bjornson, BE Stranger, BM Neale, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 100 (4), 581-591, 2017
MGAT5 alters the severity of multiple sclerosis
B Brynedal, J Wojcik, F Esposito, V Debailleul, J Yaouanq, ...
Journal of neuroimmunology 220 (1-2), 120-124, 2010
Presence of autoantibodies in “seronegative” rheumatoid arthritis associates with classical risk factors and high disease activity
E Reed, AK Hedström, M Hansson, L Mathsson-Alm, B Brynedal, ...
Arthritis research & therapy 22, 1-11, 2020
Gene expression profiling in multiple sclerosis: a disease of the central nervous system, but with relapses triggered in the periphery?
B Brynedal, M Khademi, E Wallström, J Hillert, T Olsson, K Duvefelt
Neurobiology of disease 37 (3), 613-621, 2010
A common haplotype of the C‐C chemokine receptor 2 gene and HLA‐DRB1*0301 are independent genetic risk factors for Löfgren’s syndrome
P Spagnolo, H Sato, J Grunewald, B Brynedal, J Hillert, J Mañá, AU Wells, ...
Journal of internal medicine 264 (5), 433-441, 2008
Dense genotyping of immune-related loci identifies HLA variants associated with increased risk of collagenous colitis
H Westerlind, MR Mellander, F Bresso, A Munch, F Bonfiglio, G Assadi, ...
Gut 66 (3), 421-428, 2017
Increased levels of APRIL (a proliferation-inducing ligand) mRNA in multiple sclerosis
M Thangarajh, T Masterman, U Rot, K Duvefelt, B Brynedal, ...
Journal of neuroimmunology 167 (1-2), 210-214, 2005
Tobacco smoking induces changes in true DNA methylation, hydroxymethylation and gene expression in bronchoalveolar lavage cells
MV Ringh, M Hagemann-Jensen, M Needhamsen, L Kular, CE Breeze, ...
EBioMedicine 46, 290-304, 2019
Human leukocyte antigen genes and interferon beta preparations influence risk of developing neutralizing anti-drug antibodies in multiple sclerosis
J Link, M Lundkvist Ryner, K Fink, C Hermanrud, I Lima, B Brynedal, ...
PLoS One 9 (3), e90479, 2014
Integration of known DNA, RNA and protein biomarkers provides prediction of anti-TNF response in rheumatoid arthritis: results from the COMBINE study
L Folkersen, B Brynedal, LM Diaz-Gallo, D Ramsköld, K Shchetynsky, ...
Molecular medicine 22, 322-328, 2016
Distinct HLA associations with rheumatoid arthritis subsets defined by serological subphenotype
C Terao, B Brynedal, Z Chen, X Jiang, H Westerlind, M Hansson, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 105 (3), 616-624, 2019
Two HLA class I genes independently associated with multiple sclerosis
J Link, ÅR Lorentzen, I Kockum, K Duvefelt, BA Lie, EG Celius, HF Harbo, ...
Journal of neuroimmunology 226 (1-2), 172-176, 2010
HLA associations distinguish collagenous from lymphocytic colitis
H Westerlind, F Bonfiglio, MR Mellander, M Hübenthal, B Brynedal, ...
Official journal of the American College of Gastroenterology| ACG 111 (8 …, 2016
Early prediction of clinical response to anti-TNF treatment using multi-omics and machine learning in rheumatoid arthritis
N Yoosuf, M Maciejewski, D Ziemek, SA Jelinsky, L Folkersen, M Müller, ...
Rheumatology 61 (4), 1680-1689, 2022
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