Wail Ba-alawi
Wail Ba-alawi
Princess Margaret Cancer Center, UHN; Medical Biophysics, UofT
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Effects of cytosine methylation on transcription factor binding sites
YA Medvedeva, AM Khamis, IV Kulakovskiy, W Ba-Alawi, MSI Bhuyan, ...
BMC genomics 15 (1), 119, 2014
HOCOMOCO: expansion and enhancement of the collection of transcription factor binding sites models
IV Kulakovskiy, IE Vorontsov, IS Yevshin, AV Soboleva, AS Kasianov, ...
Nucleic acids research 44 (D1), D116-D125, 2016
INDIGO–INtegrated Data Warehouse of MIcrobial GenOmes with examples from the red sea extremophiles
I Alam, A Antunes, AA Kamau, M Kalkatawi, U Stingl, VB Bajic
PloS one 8 (12), e82210, 2013
Comparative genomics reveals adaptations of a halotolerant thaumarchaeon in the interfaces of brine pools in the Red Sea
DK Ngugi, J Blom, I Alam, M Rashid, W Ba-Alawi, G Zhang, T Hikmawan, ...
The ISME journal 9 (2), 396-411, 2015
DASPfind: new efficient method to predict drug–target interactions
W Ba-Alawi, O Soufan, M Essack, P Kalnis, VB Bajic
Journal of cheminformatics 8 (1), 15, 2016
Metabolic traits of an uncultured archaeal lineage-MSBL1-from brine pools of the Red Sea
R Mwirichia, I Alam, M Rashid, M Vinu, W Ba-Alawi, AA Kamau, DK Ngugi, ...
Scientific reports 6, 19181, 2016
PharmacoDB: an integrative database for mining in vitro anticancer drug screening studies
P Smirnov, V Kofia, A Maru, M Freeman, C Ho, N El-Hachem, GA Adam, ...
Nucleic acids research 46 (D1), D994-D1002, 2018
Community assessment to advance computational prediction of cancer drug combinations in a pharmacogenomic screen
MP Menden, D Wang, MJ Mason, B Szalai, KC Bulusu, Y Guan, T Yu, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-17, 2019
ONECUT2 is a driver of neuroendocrine prostate cancer
H Guo, X Ci, M Ahmed, JT Hua, F Soares, D Lin, L Puca, A Vosoughi, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-13, 2019
MYC interacts with the G9a histone methyltransferase to drive transcriptional repression and tumorigenesis
WB Tu, YJ Shiah, C Lourenco, PJ Mullen, D Dingar, C Redel, A Tamachi, ...
Cancer cell 34 (4), 579-595. e8, 2018
Disruption of the anaphase-promoting complex confers resistance to TTK inhibitors in triple-negative breast cancer
KL Thu, J Silvester, MJ Elliott, W Ba-Alawi, MH Duncan, AC Elia, AS Mer, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (7), E1570-E1577, 2018
Mining chemical activity status from high-throughput screening assays
O Soufan, W Ba-Alawi, M Afeef, M Essack, V Rodionov, P Kalnis, VB Bajic
PloS one 10 (12), 2015
Mining a database of single amplified genomes from Red Sea brine pool extremophiles—improving reliability of gene function prediction using a profile and pattern matching …
SW Grötzinger, I Alam, WB Alawi, VB Bajic, U Stingl, J Eppinger
Frontiers in microbiology 5, 134, 2014
Statin-induced cancer cell death can be mechanistically uncoupled from prenylation of RAS family proteins
R Yu, J Longo, JE van Leeuwen, PJ Mullen, W Ba-Alawi, B Haibe-Kains, ...
Cancer research 78 (5), 1347-1357, 2018
DRABAL: novel method to mine large high-throughput screening assays using Bayesian active learning
O Soufan, W Ba-Alawi, M Afeef, M Essack, P Kalnis, VB Bajic
Journal of cheminformatics 8 (1), 64, 2016
Genomic differentiation among two strains of the PS1 clade isolated from geographically separated marine habitats
F Jimenez-Infante, DK Ngugi, I Alam, M Rashid, W Baalawi, AA Kamau, ...
FEMS microbiology ecology 89 (1), 181-197, 2014
DPubChem: a web tool for QSAR modeling and high-throughput virtual screening
O Soufan, W Ba-alawi, A Magana-Mora, M Essack, VB Bajic
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-10, 2018
Integrative pharmacogenomics analysis of patient-derived xenografts
AS Mer, W Ba-Alawi, P Smirnov, YX Wang, B Brew, J Ortmann, MS Tsao, ...
Cancer research 79 (17), 4539-4550, 2019
Metabolic adaptations underlie epigenetic vulnerabilities in chemoresistant breast cancer.
G Deblois, SAM Tonekaboni, Y Kao, F Tai, X Liu, I Ettayebi, G Grillo, ...
BioRxiv, 286054, 2018
Integrative cancer pharmacogenomics to establish drug mechanism of action: drug repurposing
N El-Hachem, W Ba-alawi, I Smith, AS Mer, B Haibe-Kains
Pharmacogenomics 18 (16), 1469-1472, 2017
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