Axel Abelein
Axel Abelein
Assistant Professor, Karolinska Institutet
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Zinc as chaperone-mimicking agent for retardation of amyloid β peptide fibril formation
A Abelein, A Gräslund, J Danielsson
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (17), 5407-5412, 2015
The hairpin conformation of the amyloid β peptide is an important structural motif along the aggregation pathway
A Abelein, JP Abrahams, J Danielsson, A Gräslund, J Jarvet, J Luo, ...
JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 19, 623-634, 2014
Biophysical Studies of the Amyloid β‐Peptide: Interactions with Metal Ions and Small Molecules
S Wärmländer, A Tiiman, A Abelein, J Luo, J Jarvet, KL Söderberg, ...
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Ionic Strength Modulation of the Free Energy Landscape of Aβ40 Peptide Fibril Formation
A Abelein, J Jarvet, A Barth, A Graslund, J Danielsson
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (21), 6893-6902, 2016
Bri2 BRICHOS client specificity and chaperone activity are governed by assembly state
G Chen, A Abelein, HE Nilsson, A Leppert, Y Andrade-Talavera, ...
Nature Communications 8 (1), 2081, 2017
Characterization of Mn (II) ion binding to the amyloid-β peptide in Alzheimer⿿ s disease
C Wallin, YS Kulkarni, A Abelein, J Jarvet, Q Liao, B Strodel, L Olsson, ...
Journal of trace elements in medicine and biology 38, 183-193, 2016
Hydrophobicity and conformational change as mechanistic determinants for nonspecific modulators of amyloid β self-assembly
A Abelein, B Bolognesi, CM Dobson, A Gräslund, C Lendel
Biochemistry 51 (1), 126-137, 2012
Dementia-related Bri2 BRICHOS is a versatile molecular chaperone that efficiently inhibits Aβ42 toxicity in Drosophila
H Poska, M Haslbeck, FR Kurudenkandy, E Hermansson, G Chen, ...
Biochemical journal 473 (20), 3683-3704, 2016
High-yield production of amyloid-β peptide enabled by a customized spider silk domain
A Abelein, G Chen, K Kitoka, R Aleksis, F Oleskovs, M Sarr, M Landreh, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 235, 2020
Formation of dynamic soluble surfactant-induced amyloid β peptide aggregation intermediates
A Abelein, JD Kaspersen, SB Nielsen, GV Jensen, G Christiansen, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (32), 23518-23528, 2013
Augmentation of Bri2 molecular chaperone activity against amyloid-β reduces neurotoxicity in mouse hippocampus in vitro
G Chen, Y Andrade-Talavera, S Tambaro, A Leppert, HE Nilsson, ...
Communications Biology 3 (1), 32, 2020
Transient small molecule interactions kinetically modulate amyloid β peptide self-assembly
A Abelein, L Lang, C Lendel, A Gräslund, J Danielsson
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Metal ion coordination delays amyloid-β peptide self-assembly by forming an aggregation–inert complex
C Wallin, J Jarvet, H Biverstål, S Wärmländer, J Danielsson, A Gräslund, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 295 (21), 7224-7234, 2020
Smallest secondary nucleation competent Aβ aggregates probed by an ATP-independent molecular chaperone domain
A Leppert, A Tiiman, N Kronqvist, M Landreh, A Abelein, V Vukojević, ...
Biochemistry 60 (9), 678-688, 2021
Functionalization of amyloid fibrils via the Bri2 BRICHOS domain
H Biverstål, R Kumar, AK Schellhaus, M Sarr, NP Dantuma, A Abelein, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 21765, 2020
High intracellular stability of the spidroin N‐terminal domain in spite of abundant amyloidogenic segments revealed by in‐cell hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry
M Kaldmäe, A Leppert, G Chen, M Sarr, C Sahin, K Nordling, N Kronqvist, ...
The FEBS Journal 287 (13), 2823-2833, 2020
Molecular Structure of Cu (II)-Bound Amyloid-β Monomer Implicated in Inhibition of Peptide Self-Assembly in Alzheimer’s Disease
A Abelein, S Ciofi-Baffoni, C Mörman, R Kumar, A Giachetti, M Piccioli, ...
JACS Au 2 (11), 2571-2584, 2022
Intravenous treatment with a molecular chaperone designed against β-amyloid toxicity improves Alzheimer’s disease pathology in mouse models
S Manchanda, L Galan-Acosta, A Abelein, S Tambaro, G Chen, P Nilsson, ...
Molecular Therapy 31 (2), 487-502, 2023
Amyloid fibril formation of Arctic amyloid-β 1–42 peptide is efficiently inhibited by the BRICHOS domain
X Zhong, R Kumar, Y Wang, H Biverstål, C Ingeborg Jegerschöld, ...
ACS Chemical Biology 17 (8), 2201-2211, 2022
Increased CSF-decorin predicts brain pathological changes driven by Alzheimer’s Aβ amyloidosis
R Jiang, U Smailovic, H Haytural, BM Tijms, H Li, RM Haret, ...
Acta neuropathologica communications 10 (1), 1-17, 2022
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