Ruth Misener
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ANTIGONE: algorithms for continuous/integer global optimization of nonlinear equations
R Misener, CA Floudas
Journal of Global Optimization 59 (2-3), 503-526, 2014
GloMIQO: Global mixed-integer quadratic optimizer
R Misener, CA Floudas
Journal of Global Optimization 57 (1), 3-50, 2013
Global optimization advances in mixed-integer nonlinear programming, MINLP, and constrained derivative-free optimization, CDFO
F Boukouvala, R Misener, CA Floudas
European Journal of Operational Research 252 (3), 701-727, 2016
Advances for the pooling problem: Modeling, global optimization, and computational studies
R Misener, CA Floudas
Applied and Computational Mathematics 8 (1), 3-22, 2009
Computational comparison of piecewise− linear relaxations for pooling problems
CE Gounaris, R Misener, CA Floudas
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 48 (12), 5742-5766, 2009
APOGEE: Global optimization of standard, generalized, and extended pooling problems via linear and logarithmic partitioning schemes
R Misener, JP Thompson, CA Floudas
Computers & Chemical Engineering 35 (5), 876-892, 2011
Global optimization of mixed-integer quadratically-constrained quadratic programs (MIQCQP) through piecewise-linear and edge-concave relaxations
R Misener, CA Floudas
Mathematical Programming 136 (1), 155-182, 2012
Process systems engineering–the generation next?
EN Pistikopoulos, A Barbosa-Povoa, JH Lee, R Misener, A Mitsos, ...
Computers & Chemical Engineering 147, 107252, 2021
Continuous‐time modeling and global optimization approach for scheduling of crude oil operations
J Li, R Misener, CA Floudas
AIChE Journal 58 (1), 205-226, 2012
Piecewise-linear approximations of multidimensional functions
R Misener, CA Floudas
Journal of optimization theory and applications 145, 120-147, 2010
Global optimization of a MINLP process synthesis model for thermochemical based conversion of hybrid coal, biomass, and natural gas to liquid fuels
RC Baliban, JA Elia, R Misener, CA Floudas
Computers & Chemical Engineering 42, 64-86, 2012
Efficient verification of relu-based neural networks via dependency analysis
E Botoeva, P Kouvaros, J Kronqvist, A Lomuscio, R Misener
Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 34 (04), 3291-3299, 2020
Global optimization of large-scale generalized pooling problems: quadratically constrained MINLP models
R Misener, CA Floudas
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 49 (11), 5424-5438, 2010
QPLIB: a library of quadratic programming instances
F Furini, E Traversi, P Belotti, A Frangioni, A Gleixner, N Gould, L Liberti, ...
Mathematical Programming Computation 11, 237-265, 2019
Global optimization of gas lifting operations: A comparative study of piecewise linear formulations
R Misener, CE Gounaris, CA Floudas
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 48 (13), 6098-6104, 2009
Mathematical modeling and global optimization of large-scale extended pooling problems with the (EPA) complex emissions constraints
R Misener, CE Gounaris, CA Floudas
Computers & chemical engineering 34 (9), 1432-1456, 2010
Dynamically generated cutting planes for mixed-integer quadratically constrained quadratic programs and their incorporation into GloMIQO 2
R Misener, JB Smadbeck, CA Floudas
Optimization Methods and Software 30 (1), 215-249, 2015
Scheduling of crude oil operations under demand uncertainty: A robust optimization framework coupled with global optimization
J Li, R Misener, CA Floudas
AIChE journal 58 (8), 2373-2396, 2012
A framework for globally optimizing mixed-integer signomial programs
R Misener, CA Floudas
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 161, 905-932, 2014
Argumentation for explainable scheduling
K Cyras, D Letsios, R Misener, F Toni
AAAI, 2019
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