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Foot-and-mouth disease virus: a long known virus, but a current threat
F Sobrino, M Sáiz, MA Jiménez-Clavero, JI Núñez, MF Rosas, ...
Veterinary research 32 (1), 1-30, 2001
Evolution of foot-and-mouth disease virus
E Domingo, C Escarmı́s, E Baranowski, CM Ruiz-Jarabo, E Carrillo, ...
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Evolution of cell recognition by viruses
E Baranowski, CM Ruiz-Jarabo, E Domingo
Science 292 (5519), 1102-1105, 2001
Quasispecies structure and persistence of RNA viruses.
E Domingo, E Baranowski, CM Ruiz-Jarabo, AM Martín-Hernández, ...
Emerging infectious diseases 4 (4), 521, 1998
Cell recognition by foot-and-mouth disease virus that lacks the RGD integrin-binding motif: flexibility in aphthovirus receptor usage
E Baranowski, CM Ruiz-Jarabo, N Sevilla, D Andreu, E Beck, E Domingo
Journal of Virology 74 (4), 1641-1647, 2000
Memory in viral quasispecies
CM Ruiz-Jarabo, A Arias, E Baranowski, C Escarmís, E Domingo
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Foot-and-mouth disease virus
E Domingo, E Baranowski, C Escarmı́s, F Sobrino
Comparative immunology, microbiology and infectious diseases 25 (5-6), 297-308, 2002
Multiple virulence determinants of foot-and-mouth disease virus in cell culture
E Baranowski, N Sevilla, N Verdaguer, CM Ruiz-Jarabo, E Beck, ...
Journal of virology 72 (8), 6362-6372, 1998
A single amino acid substitution in nonstructural protein 3A can mediate adaptation of foot-and-mouth disease virus to the guinea pig
JI Núñez, E Baranowski, N Molina, CM Ruiz-Jarabo, C Sánchez, ...
Journal of Virology 75 (8), 3977-3983, 2001
Foot-and-mouth disease virus: biology and prospects for disease control
M Sáiz, JI Núñez, MA Jimenez-Clavero, E Baranowski, F Sobrino
Microbes and infection 4 (11), 1183-1192, 2002
Phase and antigenic variation in mycoplasmas
C Citti, LX Nouvel, E Baranowski
Future microbiology 5 (7), 1073-1085, 2010
Duration and fitness dependence of quasispecies memory
CM Ruı́z-Jarabo, A Arias, C Molina-Parı́s, C Briones, E Baranowski, ...
Journal of molecular biology 315 (3), 285-296, 2002
Evolution of cell recognition by viruses: a source of biological novelty with medical implications
E Baranowski, CM Ruiz-Jarabo, N Pariente, N Verdaguer, E Domingo
Advances in virus research 62, 19, 2003
Evidence for positive selection in the capsid protein-coding region of the foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) subjected to experimental passage regimens
MA Fares, A Moya, C Escarmís, E Baranowski, E Domingo, E Barrio
Molecular Biology and Evolution 18 (1), 10-21, 2001
Foot-and-mouth disease virus lacking the VP1 GH loop: the mutant spectrum uncovers interactions among antigenic sites for fitness gain
E Baranowski, CM Ruiz-Jarabo, F Lim, E Domingo
Virology 288 (2), 192-202, 2001
Antigenic properties and population stability of a foot-and-mouth disease virus with an altered Arg-Gly-Asp receptor-recognition motif
CM Ruiz-Jarabo, N Sevilla, M Dávila, G Gómez-Mariano, E Baranowski, ...
Journal of general virology 80 (8), 1899-1909, 1999
Complete alanine scanning of intersubunit interfaces in a foot-and-mouth disease virus capsid reveals critical contributions of many side chains to particle stability and viral …
R Mateo, A Díaz, E Baranowski, MG Mateu
Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (42), 41019-41027, 2003
Emergence and selection of RNA virus variants: memory and extinction
E Domingo, CM Ruiz-Jarabo, S Sierra, A Arias, N Pariente, E Baranowski, ...
Virus research 82 (1-2), 39-44, 2001
Production of bovine herpesvirus type 1-seronegative latent carriers by administration of a live-attenuated vaccine in passively immunized calves
M Lemaire, G Meyer, E Baranowski, F Schynts, G Wellemans, P Kerkhofs, ...
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 38 (11), 4233-4238, 2000
Guinea pig-adapted foot-and-mouth disease virus with altered receptor recognition can productively infect a natural host
JI Núñez, N Molina, E Baranowski, E Domingo, S Clark, A Burman, ...
Journal of virology 81 (16), 8497-8506, 2007
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