Leonardo Soriano
Leonardo Soriano
Professor in Applied Physics
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An XPS study of the interaction of oxygen with zirconium
C Morant, JM Sanz, L Galan, L Soriano, F Rueda
Surface Science 218 (2-3), 331-345, 1989
Surface effects in the Ni 2 p x-ray photoemission spectra of NiO
L Soriano, I Preda, A Gutiérrez, S Palacín, M Abbate, A Vollmer
Physical Review B 75 (23), 233417, 2007
Thin films of oxygen-deficient perovskite phases by pulsed-laser ablation of strontium titanate
R Perez-Casero, J Perriere, A Gutierrez-Llorente, D Defourneau, E Millon, ...
Physical Review B 75 (16), 165317, 2007
Changes in the passive layer of corrugated austenitic stainless steel of low nickel content due to exposure to simulated pore solutions
A Bautista, G Blanco, F Velasco, A Gutiérrez, L Soriano, FJ Palomares, ...
Corrosion Science 51 (4), 785-792, 2009
The O 1s x-ray absorption spectra of transition-metal oxides: The TiO2− ZrO2− HfO2 and V2O5− Nb2O5− Ta2O5 series
L Soriano, M Abbate, JC Fuggle, MA Jimenez, JM Sanz, C Mythen, ...
Solid state communications 87 (8), 699-703, 1993
Electronic structure of stoichiometric and Ar+-bombarded ZrO 2 determined by resonant photoemission
C Morant, A Fernandez, AR Gonzalez-Elipe, L Soriano, A Stampfl, ...
Physical Review B 52 (16), 11711, 1995
Chemical changes induced by sputtering in TiO2 and some selected titanates as observed by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
L Soriano, M Abbate, J Vogel, JC Fuggle, A Fernández, ...
Surface science 290 (3), 427-435, 1993
Thermal oxidation of TiN studied by means of soft x‐ray absorption spectroscopy
L Soriano, M Abbate, JC Fuggle, P Prieto, C Jiménez, JM Sanz, L Galán, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 11 (1 …, 1993
Interface effects in the Ni 2 p x-ray photoelectron spectra of NiO thin films grown on oxide substrates
I Preda, A Gutiérrez, M Abbate, F Yubero, J Méndez, L Alvarez, L Soriano
Physical Review B 77 (7), 075411, 2008
The electronic structure of mesoscopic NiO particles
L Soriano, M Abbate, J Vogel, JC Fuggle, A Fernández, ...
Chemical physics letters 208 (5-6), 460-464, 1993
Oxidation state and size effects in CoO nanoparticles
L Soriano, M Abbate, A Fernandez, AR Gonzalez-Elipe, F Sirotti, JM Sanz
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 103 (32), 6676-6679, 1999
Investigation of surface and non-local screening effects in the Ni 2p core level photoemission spectra of NiO
RJO Mossanek, I Preda, M Abbate, J Rubio-Zuazo, GR Castro, A Vollmer, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 501 (4-6), 437-441, 2011
Surface contributions to the XPS spectra of nanostructured NiO deposited on HOPG
I Preda, RJO Mossanek, M Abbate, L Alvarez, J Méndez, A Gutiérrez, ...
Surface science 606 (17-18), 1426-1430, 2012
The electronic structure of TiN and VN: X-ray and electron spectra compared to band structure calculations
L Soriano, M Abbate, H Pen, P Prieto, JM Sanz
Solid state communications 102 (4), 291-296, 1997
The electronic structure of ZrO2: Band structure calculations compared to electron and x-ray spectra
L Soriano, M Abbate, J Faber, C Morant, JM Sanz
Solid state communications 93 (8), 659-665, 1995
Splitting of Ni 3 d states at the surface of NiO nanostructures
L Soriano, A Gutiérrez, I Preda, S Palacín, JM Sanz, M Abbate, JF Trigo, ...
Physical Review B 74 (19), 193402, 2006
The interaction of N with Ti and the oxidation of TiN studied by soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy
L Soriano, M Abbate, H Pen, MT Czyżyk, JC Fuggle
Journal of electron spectroscopy and related phenomena 62 (1-2), 197-206, 1993
Chemical analysis of passivated and oxidized layers on FeCr and FeTi alloys by soft x‐ray absorption spectroscopy
L Soriano, M Abbate, FMF De Groot, D Alders, JC Fuggle, S Hofmann, ...
Surface and interface analysis 20 (1), 21-26, 1993
Soft x‐ray absorption spectroscopy study of oxide layers on titanium alloys
MF López, L Soriano, FJ Palomares, M Sánchez‐Agudo, GG Fuentes, ...
Surface and Interface Analysis: An International Journal devoted to the …, 2002
Adsorption and oxidation of K deposited on graphite
A Caballero, JP Espinos, A Fernandez, L Soriano, AR González-Elipe
Surface science 364 (3), 253-265, 1996
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