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James E Fonseca
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Efficient and realistic device modeling from atomic detail to the nanoscale
JE Fonseca, T Kubis, M Povolotskyi, B Novakovic, A Ajoy, G Hegde, ...
Journal of Computational Electronics 12 (4), 592-600, 2013
Energy variational approach to study charge inversion (layering) near charged walls
YK Hyon, JE Fonseca, B Eisenberg, C Liu
Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. Ser. B 17 (8), 2725-2743, 2012
Self-organized models of selectivity in calcium channels
J Giri, JE Fonseca, D Boda, D Henderson, B Eisenberg
Physical Biology 8 (2), 026004, 2011
Incoherent transport in NEMO5: realistic and efficient scattering on phonons
J Charles, P Sarangapani, R Golizadeh-Mojarad, R Andrawis, D Lemus, ...
Journal of Computational Electronics 15 (4), 1123-1129, 2016
Nemo5, a parallel, multiscale, multiphysics nanoelectronics modeling tool
J Sellier, J Fonseca, TC Kubis, M Povolotskyi, Y He, H Ilatikhameneh, ...
Proc. SISPAD, 1-4, 2012
A new Poisson-Nernst-Planck equation (PNP-FS-IF) for charge inversion near walls
YK Hyon, JE Fonseca, B Eisenberg, C Liu
Biophysical Journal 100 (3), 578a, 2011
Accurate treatment of interface roughness in nanoscale DG MOSFETs using non-equilibrium Green's functions
J Fonseca, S Kaya
Solid-State Electronics 48 (10), 1843-1847, 2004
Palytoxin acts on Na+, K+-ATPase but not nongastric H+, K+-ATPase
S Guennoun-Lehmann, JE Fonseca, JD Horisberger, RF Rakowski
Journal of Membrane Biology 216 (2-3), 107-116, 2007
Band structure lab
S Mukherjee, K Miao, A Paul, N Neophytou, R Kim, J Geng, M Povolotskyi, ...
Archimedes, the free Monte Carlo simulator: A GNU package for submicron semiconductor devices on nanoHUB
JM Sellier, JE Fonseca, G Klimeck
Computational Electronics (IWCE), 2012 15th International Workshop on, 1-4, 2012
Quantum transport in NEMO5: Algorithm improvements and high performance implementation
Y He, T Kubis, M Povolotskyi, J Fonseca, G Klimeck
2014 International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and …, 2014
Electro-chemical modeling challenges of biological ion pumps
RF Rakowski, S Kaya, J Fonseca
Journal of computational electronics 4 (1), 189-193, 2005
Energetics of ion competition in the DEKA selectivity filter of neuronal sodium channels
D Boda, G Leaf, J Fonseca, B Eisenberg
Condensed Matter Physics 18 (1), 13601, 2015
Temporal analysis of valence & electrostatics in ion-motive sodium pump
J Fonseca, S Kaya, S Guennoun, R Rakowski
Journal of computational electronics 6 (1), 381-385, 2007
Temporal and steric analysis of ionic permeation and binding in SERCA via molecular dynamic simulations
JE Fonseca, S Kaya, RF Rakowski
Nanotechnology 18 (42), 424022, 2007
Optimization of the anharmonic strain model to capture realistic strain distributions in quantum dots
T Ameen, H Ilatikhameneh, J Charles, Y Hsueh, S Chen, J Fonseca, ...
14th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology, 921-924, 2014
Conductance and Concentration Relationship in a Reduced Model of the K Channel
JE Fonseca, D Boda, W Nonner, B Eisenberg
Biophysical Journal 98 (3), 117a, 2010
Self-organized models of selectivity in Ca and Na channels
B Eisenberg, D Boda, J Giri, J Fonseca, D Gillespie, D Henderson, ...
Biophysical Journal 96 (3), 253a, 2009
Crystal Viewer Tool
Y Chu, DF Mejia, F Chen, J Fonseca, M Povolotskyi, G Klimeck
Quantum Dot Lab
P Sarangapani, J Fonseca, DF Mejia, J Charles, W Gilbertson, TA Ameen, ...
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