Gavin L. Simpson
Gavin L. Simpson
Quantitative Environmental Scientist, University of Regina
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vegan: Community Ecology Package
J Oksanen, FG Blanchet, R Kindt, P Legendre, P Minchin, B O’Hara, ...
R package version, 1.8-6, 0
vegan: Community Ecology Package
J Oksanen, R Kindt, P Legendre, B O’Hara, GL Simpson, MHH Stevens, ...
vegan: community ecology package
J Oksanen, FG Blanchet, R Kindt, P Legendre, PR Minchin, RB O’Hara, ...
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Analogue methods in palaeoecology: using the analogue package
GL Simpson
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Analogue: analogue and weighted averaging methods for palaeoecology
GL Simpson, J Oksanen
R package, 2011
Hierarchical generalized additive models in ecology: an introduction with mgcv
EJ Pedersen, DL Miller, GL Simpson, N Ross
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permute: Functions for generating restricted permutations of data
GL Simpson
Combining limnological and palaeolimnological data to disentangle the effects of nutrient pollution and climate change on lake ecosystems: problems and potential
RW Battarbee, NJ Anderson, H Bennion, GL Simpson
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TBT causes regime shift in shallow lakes
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RW Battarbee, DT Monteith, S Juggins, CD Evans, A Jenkins, ...
Environmental Pollution 137 (1), 135-149, 2005
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