Dominik G. Grimm
Dominik G. Grimm
Professor of Bioinformatics at TUM Campus Straubing, HSWT
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1,135 genomes reveal the global pattern of polymorphism in Arabidopsis thaliana
C Alonso-Blanco, J Andrade, C Becker, F Bemm, J Bergelson, ...
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The evaluation of tools used to predict the impact of missense variants is hindered by two types of circularity
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AraPheno: a public database for Arabidopsis thaliana phenotypes
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Geometric tree kernels: Classification of COPD from airway tree geometry
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Exosome-based detection of activating and resistance EGFR mutations from plasma of non-small cell lung cancer patients
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Oncotarget 10 (30), 2911, 2019
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