Arne Hegemann
Arne Hegemann
Associate Professor Lund Univeristy
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Rote Liste der gefährdeten Brutvogelarten Nordrhein-Westfalens. 5
SR Sudmann, C Grüneberg, A Hegemann, F Herhaus, J Mölle, ...
Fassung. Stand: Dezember, 137-230, 2008
Immune function in a free-living bird varies over the annual cycle, but seasonal patterns differ between years
A Hegemann, KD Matson, C Both, BI Tieleman
Oecologia 170 (3), 605-618, 2012
Wild skylarks seasonally modulate energy budgets but maintain energetically costly inflammatory immune responses throughout the annual cycle
A Hegemann, KD Matson, MA Versteegh, BI Tieleman
PLoS One 7 (5), e36358, 2012
Causes and consequences of partial migration in a passerine bird
A Hegemann, PP Marra, BI Tieleman
The American Naturalist 186 (4), 531-546, 2015
Migratory common blackbirds have lower innate immune function during autumn migration than resident conspecifics
C Eikenaar, A Hegemann
Biology letters 12 (3), 20160078, 2016
Offspring pay sooner, parents pay later: experimental manipulation of body mass reveals trade-offs between immune function, reproduction and survival
A Hegemann, KD Matson, H Flinks, BI Tieleman
Frontiers in Zoology 10 (1), 1-12, 2013
Immune indexes of larks from desert and temperate regions show weak associations with life history but stronger links to environmental variation in microbial abundance
NPC Horrocks, A Hegemann, KD Matson, K Hine, S Jaquier, M Shobrak, ...
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 85 (5), 504-515, 2012
Immune response to an endotoxin challenge involves multiple immune parameters and is consistent among the annual-cycle stages of a free-living temperate zone bird
A Hegemann, KD Matson, MA Versteegh, A Villegas, BI Tieleman
Journal of Experimental Biology 216 (14), 2573-2580, 2013
Environmental proxies of antigen exposure explain variation in immune investment better than indices of pace of life
NPC Horrocks, A Hegemann, S Ostrowski, H Ndithia, M Shobrak, ...
Oecologia 177 (1), 281-290, 2015
A physiological perspective on the ecology and evolution of partial migration
A Hegemann, AM Fudickar, JÅ Nilsson
Journal of Ornithology 160 (3), 893-905, 2019
Haemosporidian infections in skylarks (Alauda arvensis): a comparative PCR-based and microscopy study on the parasite diversity and prevalence in southern Italy and the Netherlands
P Zehtindjiev, A Križanauskienė, S Scebba, D Dimitrov, G Valkiūnas, ...
European Journal of Wildlife Research 58 (1), 335-344, 2012
Explaining prevalence, diversity and host specificity in a community of avian haemosporidian parasites
VA Ellis, X Huang, H Westerdahl, J Jönsson, D Hasselquist, JM Neto, ...
Oikos 129 (9), 1314-1329, 2020
A hidden cost of migration? Innate immune function versus antioxidant defense
C Eikenaar, C Isaksson, A Hegemann
Ecology and evolution 8 (5), 2721-2728, 2018
Habitat use and diet of Skylarks (Alauda arvensis) wintering in an intensive agricultural landscape of the Netherlands
F Geiger, A Hegemann, M Gleichman, H Flinks, GR de Snoo, S Prinz, ...
Journal of Ornithology 155 (2), 507-518, 2014
Thermal paper can replace typewriter correction paper in Emlen funnels
H Mouritsen, G Feenders, A Hegemann, M Liedvogel
Journal of Ornithology 150 (3), 713-715, 2009
Immune function and blood parasite infections impact stopover ecology in passerine birds
A Hegemann, P Alcalde Abril, R Muheim, S Sjöberg, T Alerstam, ...
Oecologia 188 (4), 1011-1024, 2018
Are antimicrobial defences in bird eggs related to climatic conditions associated with risk of trans-shell microbial infection?
NPC Horrocks, K Hine, A Hegemann, HK Ndithia, M Shobrak, S Ostrowski, ...
Frontiers in zoology 11 (1), 1-10, 2014
Predators and predation rates of Skylark Alauda arvensis and Woodlark Lullula arborea nests in a semi-natural area in The Netherlands
L Praus, A Hegemann, BI Tieleman, K Weidinger
Ardea 102 (1), 87-94, 2014
Not just fuel: energy stores are correlated with immune function and oxidative damage in a long-distance migrant
C Eikenaar, A Hegemann, F Packmor, I Kleudgen, C Isaksson
Current Zoology 66 (1), 21-28, 2020
Lipid composition of the stratum corneum and cutaneous water loss in birds along an aridity gradient
AM Champagne, A Muñoz-Garcia, T Shtayyeh, BI Tieleman, A Hegemann, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 215 (24), 4299-4307, 2012
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