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Long-Circulating Au-TiO2 Nanocomposite as a Sonosensitizer for ROS-Mediated Eradication of Cancer
VG Deepagan, DG You, W Um, H Ko, S Kwon, KY Choi, GR Yi, JY Lee, ...
Nano letters 16 (10), 6257-6264, 2016
ROS-generating TiO 2 nanoparticles for non-invasive sonodynamic therapy of cancer
DG You, VG Deepagan, W Um, S Jeon, S Son, H Chang, HI Yoon, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-12, 2016
Glycol chitosan nanoparticles as specialized cancer therapeutic vehicles: Sequential delivery of doxorubicin and Bcl-2 siRNA
HY Yoon, S Son, SJ Lee, DG You, JY Yhee, JH Park, M Swierczewska, ...
Scientific reports 4 (1), 1-12, 2014
Robust PEGylated hyaluronic acid nanoparticles as the carrier of doxorubicin: mineralization and its effect on tumor targetability in vivo
HS Han, J Lee, HR Kim, SY Chae, M Kim, G Saravanakumar, HY Yoon, ...
Journal of Controlled Release 168 (2), 105-114, 2013
In situ diselenide-crosslinked polymeric micelles for ROS-mediated anticancer drug delivery
VG Deepagan, S Kwon, DG You, W Um, H Ko, H Lee, DG Jo, YM Kang, ...
Biomaterials 103, 56-66, 2016
A hyaluronic acid–methotrexate conjugate for targeted therapy of rheumatoid arthritis
JM Shin, SH Kim, T Thambi, DG You, J Jeon, JO Lee, BY Chung, DG Jo, ...
Chemical Communications 50 (57), 7632-7635, 2014
Dextran sulfate-coated superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles as a contrast agent for atherosclerosis imaging
DG You, G Saravanakumar, S Son, HS Han, R Heo, K Kim, IC Kwon, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 101, 1225-1233, 2014
Dextran sulfate nanoparticles as a theranostic nanomedicine for rheumatoid arthritis
R Heo, DG You, W Um, KY Choi, S Jeon, JS Park, Y Choi, S Kwon, K Kim, ...
Biomaterials 131, 15-26, 2017
Bioreducible carboxymethyl dextran nanoparticles for tumor‐targeted drug delivery
T Thambi, DG You, HS Han, VG Deepagan, SM Jeon, YD Suh, KY Choi, ...
Advanced healthcare materials 3 (11), 1829-1838, 2014
Nanomedicines for reactive oxygen species mediated approach: An emerging paradigm for cancer treatment
S Kwon, H Ko, DG You, K Kataoka, JH Park
Accounts of Chemical Research 52 (7), 1771-1782, 2019
Chemical gas-generating nanoparticles for tumor-targeted ultrasound imaging and ultrasound-triggered drug delivery
HS Min, S Son, DG You, TW Lee, J Lee, S Lee, JY Yhee, J Lee, MH Han, ...
Biomaterials 108, 57-70, 2016
Echogenic nanoparticles for ultrasound technologies: Evolution from diagnostic imaging modality to multimodal theranostic agent
S Son, HS Min, DG You, BS Kim, IC Kwon
Nano Today 9 (4), 525-540, 2014
Echogenic glycol chitosan nanoparticles for ultrasound-triggered cancer theranostics
HS Min, DG You, S Son, S Jeon, JH Park, S Lee, IC Kwon, K Kim
Theranostics 5 (12), 1402, 2015
Self-assembled dextran sulphate nanoparticles for targeting rheumatoid arthritis
SH Kim, JH Kim, DG You, G Saravanakumar, HY Yoon, KY Choi, ...
Chemical Communications 49 (88), 10349-10351, 2013
Nanoparticles based on quantum dots and a luminol derivative: implications for in vivo imaging of hydrogen peroxide by chemiluminescence resonance energy transfer
ES Lee, VG Deepagan, DG You, J Jeon, GR Yi, JY Lee, DS Lee, YD Suh, ...
Chemical Communications 52 (22), 4132-4135, 2016
Theranostic gas-generating nanoparticles for targeted ultrasound imaging and treatment of neuroblastoma
J Lee, HS Min, DG You, K Kim, IC Kwon, T Rhim, KY Lee
Journal of Controlled Release 223, 197-206, 2016
Non-invasive optical imaging of cathepsin B with activatable fluorogenic nanoprobes in various metastatic models
JH Ryu, JH Na, HK Ko, DG You, S Park, E Jun, HJ Yeom, DH Seo, ...
Biomaterials 35 (7), 2302-2311, 2014
Inorganic nanoparticles for image-guided therapy
HY Yoon, S Jeon, DG You, JH Park, IC Kwon, H Koo, K Kim
Bioconjugate chemistry 28 (1), 124-134, 2017
MRI monitoring of tumor-selective anticancer drug delivery with stable thermosensitive liposomes triggered by high-intensity focused ultrasound
HR Kim, DG You, SJ Park, KS Choi, W Um, JH Kim, JH Park, Y Kim
Molecular Pharmaceutics 13 (5), 1528-1539, 2016
Antitumor therapeutic application of self-assembled RNAi-AuNP nanoconstructs: Combination of VEGF-RNAi and photothermal ablation
S Son, N Kim, DG You, HY Yoon, JY Yhee, K Kim, IC Kwon, SH Kim
Theranostics 7 (1), 9, 2017
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