Clinton W. Epps
Clinton W. Epps
Associate Professor of Fisheries and Wildlife, Oregon State University
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The rise of the mesopredator
LR Prugh, CJ Stoner, CW Epps, WT Bean, WJ Ripple, AS Laliberte, ...
Bioscience 59 (9), 779-791, 2009
Highways block gene flow and cause a rapid decline in genetic diversity of desert bighorn sheep
CW Epps, PJ Palsbøll, JD Wehausen, GK Roderick, RR Ramey, ...
Ecology letters 8 (10), 1029-1038, 2005
Optimizing dispersal and corridor models using landscape genetics
CW Epps, JD Wehausen, VC Bleich, SG Torres, JS Brashares
Journal of applied ecology 44 (4), 714-724, 2007
Placing linkages among fragmented habitats: do least‐cost models reflect how animals use landscapes?
SC Sawyer, CW Epps, JS Brashares
Journal of Applied Ecology 48 (3), 668-678, 2011
The role of landscape connectivity in planning and implementing conservation and restoration priorities. Issues in Ecology
D Rudnick, SJ Ryan, P Beier, SA Cushman, F Dieffenbach, C Epps, ...
Ecological Society of America, 2012
Experiments in DNA extraction and PCR amplification from bighorn sheep feces: the importance of DNA extraction method
JD Wehausen, RR Ramey, CW Epps
Journal of Heredity 95 (6), 503-509, 2004
Effects of climate change on population persistence of desert‐dwelling mountain sheep in California
CW Epps, DR McCULLOUGH, JD Wehausen, VC Bleich, J L. RECHEL
Conservation Biology 18 (1), 102-113, 2004
Landscape genetics in a changing world: disentangling historical and contemporary influences and inferring change
CW Epps, N Keyghobadi
Molecular ecology 24 (24), 6021-6040, 2015
Landscape effects on gene flow for a climate‐sensitive montane species, the A merican pika
JA Castillo, CW Epps, AR Davis, SA Cushman
Molecular ecology 23 (4), 843-856, 2014
Ecological and conservation implications of mesopredator release
JS Brashares, LR Prugh, CJ Stoner, CW Epps
Trophic cascades: predators, prey, and the changing dynamics of nature, 221-240, 2010
Genetic applications in avian conservation
SM Haig, WM Bronaugh, RS Crowhurst, J D'elia, CA Eagles-Smith, ...
The Auk 128 (2), 205-229, 2011
The idiosyncrasies of place: geographic variation in the climate–distribution relationships of the American pika
MR Jeffress, TJ Rodhouse, C Ray, S Wolff, CW Epps
Ecological Applications 23 (4), 864-878, 2013
Potential effects of the United States‐Mexico border fence on wildlife
AD Flesch, CW Epps, JW CAIN III, M Clark, PR Krausman, JR Morgart
Conservation Biology 24 (1), 171-181, 2010
Elevation and connectivity define genetic refugia for mountain sheep as climate warms
CW Epps, PJ Palsbøll, JD Wehausen, GK Roderick, DR McCullough
Molecular Ecology 15 (14), 4295-4302, 2006
Genetic relatedness of the Preble's meadow jumping mouse (Zapus hudsonius preblei) to nearby subspecies of Z. hudsonius as inferred from variation in cranial …
RR Ramey, HP Liu, CW Epps, LM Carpenter, JD Wehausen
Animal Conservation forum 8 (3), 329-346, 2005
An empirical evaluation of the African elephant as a focal species for connectivity planning in East Africa
CW Epps, BM Mutayoba, L Gwin, JS Brashares
Diversity and Distributions 17 (4), 603-612, 2011
Quantifying past and present connectivity illuminates a rapidly changing landscape for the A frican elephant
CW Epps, SK Wasser, JL Keim, BM Mutayoba, JS Brashares
Molecular ecology 22 (6), 1574-1588, 2013
Using genetic tools to track desert bighorn sheep colonizations
CW Epps, JD Wehausen, PJ Palsbøll, DR McCullough
The Journal of Wildlife Management 74 (3), 522-531, 2010
Habitat availability and gene flow influence diverging local population trajectories under scenarios of climate change: a place‐based approach
D Schwalm, CW Epps, TJ Rodhouse, WB Monahan, JA Castillo, C Ray, ...
Global change biology 22 (4), 1572-1584, 2016
Experimental evidence that simplified forest structure interacts with snow cover to influence functional connectivity for Pacific martens
KM Moriarty, CW Epps, MG Betts, DJ Hance, JD Bailey, WJ Zielinski
Landscape Ecology 30 (10), 1865-1877, 2015
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