Marta Serra-Garcia
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Measuring lying aversion
U Gneezy, B Rockenbach, M Serra-Garcia
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 93, 293-300, 2013
Teaching teenagers in finance: Does it work?
M Lührmann, M Serra-Garcia, J Winter
Journal of Banking & Finance 54, 160-174, 2015
Peer effects in risk taking: Envy or conformity?
AM Lahno, M Serra-Garcia
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 50 (1), 73-95, 2015
Hiding an inconvenient truth: Lies and vagueness
M Serra-Garcia, E van Damme, J Potters
Games and Economic Behavior 73 (1), 244-261, 2011
Lying about what you know or about what you do?
M Serra‐Garcia, E Van Damme, J Potters
Journal of the European Economic Association 11 (5), 1204-1229, 2013
The Impact of Financial Education on Adolescents' Intertemporal Choices
M Lührmann, M Serra-Garcia, J Winter
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 10 (3), 309-32, 2018
Bribing the Self
U Gneezy, S Saccardo, M Serra-Garcia, R van Veldhuizen
Working paper, 2016
Time-Inconsistent Charitable Giving
J Andreoni, M Serra-Garcia
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2016
Complexity and biases
K Kalaycı, M Serra-Garcia
Experimental Economics, 1-20, 2015
The Threat of Exclusion and Implicit Contracting
M Brown, M Serra-Garcia
Management Science, 2016
Moral hazard in credit markets: The incentive effect of collateral
M Serra-Garcia
Tilburg University, Working Paper, 2010
Conflicting risk attitudes
AM Lahno, M Serra-Garcia, B D’Exelle, A Verschoor
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 118, 136-149, 2015
Measuring Teenagers’ Time Preferences Using Convex Time Budgets
M Lührmann, M Serra-Garcia, J Winter
CESifo Area Conference on Behavioral Economics, 2013
The (in) elasticity of moral ignorance
M Serra-Garcia, N Szech
KIT Working Paper, 2018
The Pledging Puzzle: How Can Revocable Promises Increase Charitable Giving
J Andreoni, M Serra-Garcia
CESifo Working Paper, 2019
Risk Attitudes and Conflict in the Household
M Serra-Garcia
Who gives?-The Roles of Empathy and Impulsiveness
J Andreoni, AK Koessler, M Serra-Garcia
Kiel, Hamburg: ZBW–Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, 2018
Lying in Economics
M Serra-Garcia
The Oxford Handbook of Lying, 0
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