Michel Mehrenberger
Michel Mehrenberger
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Conservative semi-Lagrangian schemes for Vlasov equations
N Crouseilles, M Mehrenberger, E Sonnendrücker
Journal of Computational Physics 229 (6), 1927-1953, 2010
P1‐conservative solution interpolation on unstructured triangular meshes
F Alauzet, M Mehrenberger
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 84 (13), 1552-1588, 2010
Convergence of classes of high-order semi-Lagrangian schemes for the Vlasov–Poisson system
N Besse, M Mehrenberger
Mathematics of computation 77 (261), 93-123, 2008
A 5D gyrokinetic full-f global semi-lagrangian code for flux-driven ion turbulence simulations
V Grandgirard, J Abiteboul, J Bigot, T Cartier-Michaud, N Crouseilles, ...
Computer Physics Communications 207, 35-68, 2016
An Ingham type proof for a two-grid observability theorem
P Loreti, M Mehrenberger
ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations 14 (3), 604-631, 2008
Discontinuous Galerkin semi-Lagrangian method for Vlasov-Poisson
N Crouseilles, M Mehrenberger, F Vecil
ESAIM: Proceedings 32, 211-230, 2011
Adaptive numerical resolution of the Vlasov equation.
MC Pinto, M Mehrenberger
Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic and Kinetic Problems 7, pp 43--58, 2005
Convergence of an adaptive semi-Lagrangian scheme for the Vlasov-Poisson system
MC Pinto, M Mehrenberger
Numerische Mathematik 108 (3), 407-444, 2008
High-order Hamiltonian splitting for the Vlasov–Poisson equations
F Casas, N Crouseilles, E Faou, M Mehrenberger
Numerische Mathematik 135 (3), 769-801, 2017
Vlasov on GPU (VOG Project)
L Marradi, B Afeyan, M Mehrenberger, N Crouseilles, C Steiner, ...
ESAIM: Proceedings 43, p. 37-58, 2013
Enhanced Convergence Estimates for Semi-Lagrangian Schemes Application to the Vlasov--Poisson Equation
F Charles, B Després, M Mehrenberger
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 51 (2), 840-863, 2013
A new fully two-dimensional conservative semi-Lagrangian method: applications on polar grids, from diocotron instability to ITG turbulence
N Crouseilles, P Glanc, SA Hirstoaga, E Madaule, M Mehrenberger, ...
The European Physical Journal D 68 (9), 252, 2014
Numerical solution of the gyroaverage operator for the finite gyroradius guiding-center model
N Crouseilles, M Mehrenberger, H Sellama
Communications in Computational Physics 8 (3), 484, 2010
An Ingham type proof for the boundary observability of a N− d wave equation
M Mehrenberger
Comptes Rendus Mathématique 347 (1-2), 63-68, 2009
Gyroaverage operator for a polar mesh
C Steiner, M Mehrenberger, N Crouseilles, V Grandgirard, G Latu, ...
The European Physical Journal D 69 (1), 18, 2015
Observability of coupled systems
M Mehrenberger
Acta Mathematica Hungarica 103 (4), 321-348, 2004
Improving conservation properties of a 5D gyrokinetic semi-Lagrangian code
G Latu, V Grandgirard, J Abiteboul, N Crouseilles, G Dif-Pradalier, ...
The European Physical Journal D 68 (11), 345, 2014
Palindromic discontinuous Galerkin method for kinetic equations with stiff relaxation
D Coulette, E Franck, P Helluy, M Mehrenberger, L Navoret
arXiv preprint arXiv:1612.09422, 2016
Study of the nodal feedback stabilization of a string-beams network
K Ammari, M Mehrenberger
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing 36 (1-2), 441-458, 2011
Feedback stabilization of a coupled string-beam system.
K Ammari, M Jellouli, M Mehrenberger
NHM 4 (1), 19-34, 2009
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