Stefan Claesson
Stefan Claesson
Professor in Isotope Geology, Swedish Museum of Natural History
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Isotopic evidence for the Precambrian provenance and Caledonian metamorphism of high grade paragneisses from the Seve Nappes, Scandinavian Caledonides: II. Ion microprobe …
IS Williams, S Claesson
Contributions to mineralogy and petrology 97 (2), 205-217, 1987
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MJ Whitehouse, S Claesson, T Sunde, J Vestin
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U–Pb zircon ages from a Devonian carbonatite dyke, Kola peninsula, Russia: a record of geological evolution from the Archaean to the Palaeozoic
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Numerical ages of volcanic rocks and the earliest fauna1 zone within the Late Precambrian of east Poland
W Compston, MS Sambridge, RF Reinfrank, M Moczydeowska, G Vidal, ...
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The temporal evolution of sanukitoids in the Karelian Craton, Baltic Shield: an ion microprobe U–Th–Pb isotopic study of zircons
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Origins and ages of Proterozoic granitoids in the Bothnian Basin, central Sweden; isotopic and geochemical constraints
S Claesson, T Lundqvist
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Samarium-neodymium data on two late Proterozoic ophiolites of Saudi Arabia and implications for crustal and mantle evolution
S Claesson, JS Pallister, M Tatsumoto
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The growth of Early Proterozoic crust: new evidence from Svecofennian detrital zircons
H Huhma, S Claesson, PD Kinny, IS Williams
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40Ar/39Ar data on the age and metamorphism of the Ottfjället dolerites, Särv Nappe, Swedish Caledonides
S Claesson, JC Roddick
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Evolution of the Belomorian Belt: NORDSIM U-Pb zircon dating of the Chupa paragneisses, magmatism, and metamorphic stages
EV Bibikova, S Bogdanova, VA Glebovitsky, S Claesson, T Skiold
Petrology 12 (3), 195-210, 2004
Nd isotope data on 1.9-1.2 Ga old basic rocks and metasediments from the Bothnian basin, central Sweden
S Claesson
Precambrian Research 35, 115-126, 1987
The origin of the Palaeoproterozoic AMCG complexes in the Ukrainian shield: New U-Pb ages and Hf isotopes in zircon
L Shumlyanskyy, C Hawkesworth, K Billström, S Bogdanova, O Mytrokhyn, ...
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Multiple monazite growth in the Åreskutan migmatite: evidence for a polymetamorphic Late Ordovician to Late Silurian evolution in the Seve Nappe Complex of west-central …
J Majka, Y Be’eri-Shlevin, DG Gee, A Ladenberger, S Claesson, ...
Journal of Geosciences 57 (1), 3-23, 2012
The north‐eastern Polish anorthosite massifs: petrological, geochemical and isotopic evidence for a crustal derivation
J Wiszniewska, S Claesson, H Stein, JV Auwera, JC Duchesne
Terra Nova 14 (6), 451-460, 2002
207Pb/206Pb ages and Hf isotope composition of zircons from sedimentary rocks of the Ukrainian shield: crustal growth of the south-western part of East European craton from …
L Shumlyanskyy, C Hawkesworth, B Dhuime, K Billström, S Claesson, ...
Precambrian research 260, 39-54, 2015
Isotopic evidence for the Precambrian provenance and Caledonian metamorphism of high grade paragneisses from the Seve Nappes, Scandinavian Caledonides: I. conventional U-Pb …
S Claesson
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 97 (2), 196-204, 1987
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