Xavier Oriols
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Wnt signaling in cancer
T Zhan, N Rindtorff, M Boutros
Oncogene 36 (11), 1461-1473, 2017
Quantum-trajectory approach to time-dependent transport in mesoscopic systems with electron-electron interactions
X Oriols
Physical review letters 98 (6), 066803, 2007
Applied Bohmian mechanics: From nanoscale systems to cosmology
XO Pladevall, J Mompart
CRC Press, 2019
Applied bohmian mechanics
A Benseny, G Albareda, ÁS Sanz, J Mompart, X Oriols
The European Physical Journal D 68 (10), 286, 2014
Many-particle hamiltonian for open systems with full coulomb interaction: Application to classical and quantum time-dependent simulations of nanoscale electron devices
G Albareda, J Suñé, X Oriols
Physical Review B 79 (7), 075315, 2009
Implications of the noncrossing property of Bohm trajectories in one-dimensional tunneling configurations
X Oriols, F Martín, J Suné
Physical Review A 54 (4), 2594, 1996
Time-dependent boundary conditions with lead-sample Coulomb correlations: Application to classical and quantum nanoscale electron device simulators
G Albareda, H López, X Cartoixa, J Suné, X Oriols
Physical Review B 82 (8), 085301, 2010
Computation of quantum electron transport with local current conservation using quantum trajectories
A Alarcón, X Oriols
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2009 (01), P01051, 2009
Time-resolved electron transport with quantum trajectories
G Albareda, D Marian, A Benali, S Yaro, N Zanghì, X Oriols
Journal of Computational Electronics 12 (3), 405-419, 2013
Can the wave function in configuration space be replaced by single-particle wave functions in physical space?
T Norsen, D Marian, X Oriols
Synthese 192 (10), 3125-3151, 2015
Weak values from displacement currents in multiterminal electron devices
D Marian, N Zanghì, X Oriols
Physical review letters 116 (11), 110404, 2016
Time-dependent many-particle simulation for resonant tunneling diodes: interpretation of an analytical small-signal equivalent circuit
FL Traversa, E Buccafurri, A Alarcon, G Albareda, R Clerc, F Calmon, ...
IEEE transactions on electron devices 58 (7), 2104-2112, 2011
An electron injection model for time-dependent simulators of nanoscale devices with electron confinement: Application to the comparison of the intrinsic noise of 3D-, 2D-and 1D …
X Oriols, E Fernandez-Diaz, A Alvarez, A Alarcón
Solid-state electronics 51 (2), 306-319, 2007
Self-consistent simulation of quantum shot noise in nanoscale electron devices
X Oriols, A Trois, G Blouin
Applied physics letters 85 (16), 3596-3598, 2004
Robust weak-measurement protocol for Bohmian velocities
FL Traversa, G Albareda, M Di Ventra, X Oriols
Physical Review A 87 (5), 052124, 2013
Computation of quantum electrical currents through the Ramo–Shockley–Pellegrini theorem with trajectories
G Albareda, FL Traversa, A Benali, X Oriols
Fluctuation and Noise Letters 11 (03), 1242008, 2012
Time-dependent exchange and tunneling: detection at the same place of two electrons emitted simultaneously from different sources
D Marian, E Colomés, X Oriols
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 27 (24), 245302 (17pp), 2015
Failure physics of ultra-thin SiO2 gate oxides near their scaling limit
J Suñé, M Nafria, E Miranda, X Oriols, R Rodriguez, X Aymerich
Semiconductor Science and Technology 15 (5), 445, 2000
Time-dependent quantum current for independent electrons driven under nonperiodic conditions
X Oriols, A Alarcón, E Fernàndez-Díaz
Physical Review B 71 (24), 245322, 2005
Overview of Bohmian mechanics
X Oriols, J Mompart
Applied Bohmian Mechanics: From Nanoscale Systems to Cosmology, 15-147, 2012
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