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Dzmitry Melnikau
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Chiral templating of self-assembling nanostructures by circularly polarized light
J Yeom, B Yeom, H Chan, KW Smith, S Dominguez-Medina, JH Bahng, ...
Nature materials 14 (1), 66-72, 2015
Rabi splitting in photoluminescence spectra of hybrid systems of gold nanorods and J-aggregates
D Melnikau, R Esteban, D Savateeva, A Sánchez-Iglesias, M Grzelczak, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 7 (2), 354-362, 2016
Strong plasmon-exciton coupling in a hybrid system of gold nanostars and J-aggregates
D Melnikau, D Savateeva, A Susha, AL Rogach, YP Rakovich
Nanoscale research letters 8 (1), 134, 2013
Hybrid organic/inorganic semiconductor nanostructures with highly efficient energy transfer
D Savateeva, D Melnikau, V Lesnyak, N Gaponik, YP Rakovich
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (21), 10816-10820, 2012
Colloidal synthesis and optical properties of type-II CdSe–CdTe and inverted CdTe–CdSe core–wing heteronanoplatelets
AV Antanovich, AV Prudnikau, D Melnikau, YP Rakovich, A Chuvilin, ...
Nanoscale 7 (17), 8084-8092, 2015
Whispering gallery mode resonators with J-aggregates
D Melnikau, D Savateeva, A Chuvilin, R Hillenbrand, YP Rakovich
Optics express 19 (22), 22280-22291, 2011
Strong magneto-optical response of nonmagnetic organic materials coupled to plasmonic nanostructures
D Melnikau, AA Govyadinov, A Sánchez-Iglesias, M Grzelczak, ...
Nano letters 17 (3), 1808-1813, 2017
Exploring the optical nonlinearities of plasmon-exciton hybrid resonances in coupled colloidal nanostructures
T Simon, D Melnikau, A Sánchez-Iglesias, M Grzelczak, LM Liz-Marzán, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (22), 12226-12233, 2016
Resonance energy transfer in self-organized organic/inorganic dendrite structures
D Melnikau, D Savateeva, V Lesnyak, N Gaponik, YN Fernández, ...
Nanoscale 5 (19), 9317-9323, 2013
Low-field magnetic circular dichroism in silver and gold colloidal nanoparticles of different sizes, shapes, and aggregation states
M Artemyev, R Krutokhvostov, D Melnikau, V Oleinikov, A Sukhanova, ...
Plasmonics: Metallic Nanostructures and Their Optical Properties X 8457, 845729, 2012
Strong enhancement of circular dichroism in a hybrid material consisting of J-aggregates and silver nanoparticles
D Melnikau, D Savateeva, YK Gun’ko, YP Rakovich
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (26), 13708-13712, 2013
Fluorescence of a photosensitizer based on an indotricarbocyanine dye in photochemotherapy
MP Samtsov, ES Voropay, LS Liashenka, DG Melnikau, KN Kapleusky, ...
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy 78 (1), 110-116, 2011
Фотодинамическая лазерная терапия и диагностика областей локализации на основе новых типов фотосенсибилизаторов
ЕС Воропай, МП Самцов, КН Каплевский, ДГ Мельников, ЛС Ляшенко
Influence of photon energy on the efficiency of photochemotherapy
MP Samtsov, ES Voropay, KN Kaplevsky, DG Melnikau, LS Lyashenko, ...
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy 76 (4), 547-553, 2009
Fast photoprocesses in a symmetric indotricarbocyanine dye (HITC) in solutions
MP Samtsov, SA Tikhomirov, OV Buganov, KN Kaplevsky, DG Melnikov, ...
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy 76 (6), 783-790, 2009
Spectral luminescence properties of indotricarbocyanine dye in biological tissues
MP Samtsov, ES Voropai, DG Mel’nikov, LS Lyashenko, AA Lugovskii, ...
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy 77 (3), 406-412, 2010
Immobilization of pH-sensitive CdTe quantum dots in a poly (acrylate) hydrogel for microfluidic applications
M Franke, S Leubner, A Dubavik, A George, T Savchenko, C Pini, P Frank, ...
Nanoscale research letters 12 (1), 1-8, 2017
Double Rabi Splitting in a Strongly Coupled System of Core–Shell Au@ Ag Nanorods and J-Aggregates of Multiple Fluorophores
D Melnikau, AA Govyadinov, A Sánchez-Iglesias, M Grzelczak, IR Nabiev, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 10 (20), 6137-6143, 2019
Chiroptical activity in colloidal quantum dots coated with achiral ligands
D Melnikau, D Savateeva, N Gaponik, AO Govorov, YP Rakovich
Optics express 24 (2), A65-A73, 2016
Effect of surface plasmon resonance in TiO2/Au thin films on the fluorescence of self-assembled CdTe QDs structure
I Moura, MF Cerqueira, D Melnikau, D Savateeva, Y Rakovich, J Borges, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 605 (1), 012025, 2015
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