Niklas Hedin
Niklas Hedin
Professor of Materials Chemistry, Stockholm University
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Adsorbents for the post-combustion capture of CO2 using rapid temperature swing or vacuum swing adsorption
N Hedin, L Andersson, L Bergström, J Yan
Applied Energy 104, 418-433, 2013
Proto‐calcite and proto‐vaterite in amorphous calcium carbonates
D Gebauer, PN Gunawidjaja, JYP Ko, Z Bacsik, B Aziz, L Liu, Y Hu, ...
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O Cheung, Z Bacsik, Q Liu, A Mace, N Hedin
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Synthesis of microporous organic polymers with high CO 2-over-N 2 selectivity and CO 2 adsorption
C Xu, N Hedin
Journal of materials chemistry A 1 (10), 3406-3414, 2013
A porphyrinic zirconium metal–organic framework for oxygen reduction reaction: tailoring the spacing between active-sites through chain-based inorganic building units
MO Cichocka, Z Liang, D Feng, S Back, S Siahrostami, X Wang, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (36), 15386-15395, 2020
In Situ Synthesis of an Imidazolate‐4‐amide‐5‐imidate Ligand and Formation of a Microporous Zinc–Organic Framework with H2‐and CO2‐Storage Ability
F Debatin, A Thomas, A Kelling, N Hedin, Z Bacsik, I Senkovska, S Kaskel, ...
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E Leonova, I Izquierdo-Barba, D Arcos, A Lopez-Noriega, N Hedin, ...
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C Xu, N Hedin
Materials Today 17 (8), 397-403, 2014
PFG NMR self-diffusion of small hydrocarbons in high silica DDR, CHA and LTA structures
N Hedin, GJ DeMartin, WJ Roth, KG Strohmaier, SC Reyes
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Nanostructural features of demosponge biosilica
JC Weaver, LI Pietrasanta, N Hedin, BF Chmelka, PK Hansma, DE Morse
Journal of Structural Biology 144 (3), 271-281, 2003
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