Lionel Page
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Cortisol shifts financial risk preferences
N Kandasamy, B Hardy, L Page, M Schaffner, J Graggaber, A S Powlson, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of …, 2014
The second leg home advantage: Evidence from European football cup competitions
L Page, K Page
Journal of Sports Sciences 25 (14), 1547-1556, 2007
Who studies abroad? Evidence from France and Italy
GD Pietro, L Page
European Journal of Education 43 (3), 389-398, 2008
Variation in risk seeking behaviour following large losses: A natural experiment
L Page, DA Savage, B Torgler
European Economic Review 71, 121-131, 2014
Alone against the crowd: Individual differences in referees’ ability to cope under pressure
K Page, L Page
Journal of Economic Psychology 31 (2), 192-199, 2010
Last shall be first: A field study of biases in sequential performance evaluation on the Idol series
L Page, K Page
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 73 (2), 186-198, 2010
Exit polls, turnout, and bandwagon voting: evidence from a natural experiment
RB Morton, D Mueller, L Page, B Torgler
European Economic Review 77, 65-81, 2015
How young people formulate their views about the future: Exploratory research
G Atherton, E Cymbir, K Roberts, L Page, R Richard
Department for Children, Schools and Families, 2009
Aspiration levels and educational choices: An experimental study
L Page, LL Garboua, C Montmarquette
Economics of Education Review 26 (6), 747-757, 2007
A note on trader Sharpe Ratios
JM Coates, L Page
PloS one 4 (11), 2009
The Effect of Employment while in High School on Educational Attainment: A Conditional Difference‐in‐Differences Approach*
F Buscha, A Maurel, L Page, S Speckesser
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 74 (3), 380-396, 2011
Interoceptive ability predicts survival on a London trading floor
N Kandasamy, SN Garfinkel, L Page, B Hardy, HD Critchley, M Gurnell, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-7, 2016
Do prediction markets produce well calibrated probability forecasts?
L Page, RT Clemen
The Economic Journal 123 (568), 491–513, 2013
Students' Perceptions of Teacher Biases: Experimental Economics in Schools
A Ouazad, L Page
Journal of Public Economics 105, 116-130, 2013
Winner and loser effects in human competitions. Evidence from equally matched tennis players
L Page, J Coates
Evolution and Human Behavior 38 (4), 530-535, 2017
Subjective beliefs about the income distribution and preferences for redistribution
L Page, DG Goldstein
Social Choice and Welfare 47 (1), 25-61, 2016
From Social Inequalities to Educational Inequalities
L Page
Revue économique 56 (3), 615-623, 2005
Can a common currency foster a shared social identity across different nations? The case of the euro.
F Buscha, D Mueller, L Page
European Economic Review, 2017
Does success breed success? A quasi-experiment on strategic momentum in dynamic contests
R Gauriot, L Page
QuBE Working Papers, 2014
Born leaders: Political selection and the relative age effect in the US Congress
D Muller, L Page
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A 179 (3), 809-829, 2016
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