Robert Böhm
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The Ontogeny of the Motivation That Underlies In-Group Bias
D Buttelmann, R Böhm
Psychological Science 25, 921-927, 2014
“Ingroup love” and “outgroup hate” in intergroup conflict between natural groups
O Weisel, R Böhm
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 60, 110-120, 2015
What makes people go to war? Defensive intentions motivate retaliatory and preemptive intergroup aggression
R Böhm, H Rusch, Ö Gürerk
Evolution and Human Behavior 37 (1), 29-34, 2016
Using behavioral insights to increase vaccination policy effectiveness
C Betsch, R Böhm, GB Chapman
Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences 2 (1), 61-73, 2015
On the benefits of explaining herd immunity in vaccine advocacy
C Betsch, R Böhm, L Korn, C Holtmann
Nature Human Behaviour 1 (3), 0056, 2017
Inviting free-riders or appealing to prosocial behavior? Game-theoretical reflections on communicating herd immunity in vaccine advocacy
C Betsch, R Böhm, L Korn
Health Psychology 32 (9), 978-985, 2013
The Inter-Group Comparison–Intra-Group Cooperation Hypothesis: Comparisons between Groups Increase Efficiency in Public Goods Provision
R Böhm, B Rockenbach
PLoS ONE 8 (2), e56152, 2013
Who Does (Not) Participate in Intergroup Conflict?
I Thielmann, R Böhm
Social Psychological and Personality Science 7 (8), 778-787, 2016
The emotional path to action: Empathy promotes physical distancing and wearing of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic
S Pfattheicher, L Nockur, R Böhm, C Sassenrath, MB Petersen
Psychological Science, 0956797620964422, 2020
Beyond confidence: Development of a measure assessing the 5C psychological antecedents of vaccination
C Betsch, P Schmid, D Heinemeier, L Korn, C Holtmann, R Böhm
PLOS ONE 13 (12), e0208601, 2018
Detrimental effects of introducing partial compulsory vaccination: experimental evidence
C Betsch, R Böhm
The European Journal of Public Health 26 (3), 378-381, 2016
Ein Vorname sagt mehr als 1000 Worte: Zur sozialen Wahrnehmung von Vornamen
U Rudolph, R Böhm, M Lummer
Zeitschrift für Sozialpsychologie 38 (1), 17-31, 2007
The psychology of intergroup conflict: a review of theories and measures
R Böhm, H Rusch, J Baron
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2018
Improving Medical Decision Making and Health Promotion through Culture-Sensitive Health Communication An Agenda for Science and Practice
C Betsch, R Böhm, CO Airhihenbuwa, R Butler, GB Chapman, N Haase, ...
Medical Decision Making 36 (7), 811-833, 2016
Selfish-rational non-vaccination: Experimental evidence from an interactive vaccination game
R Böhm, C Betsch, L Korn
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 131, 183-195, 2016
The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow: Morality also fuels aggression, conflict, and violence
R Böhm, I Thielmann, BE Hilbig
Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 2018
Intuitive Participation in Aggressive Intergroup Conflict: Evidence of Weak Versus Strong Parochial Altruism
R Böhm
Frontiers in Psychology 7, 1535, 2016
The role of personality in COVID-19 related perceptions, evaluations, and behaviors: Findings across five samples, nine traits, and 17 criteria
I Zettler, C Schild, L Lilleholt, L Kroencke, T Utesch, M Moshagen, R Böhm, ...
PsyArXiv, 2020
Service robots: Drivers of perceived responsibility for service outcomes
M Jörling, R Böhm, S Paluch
Journal of Service Research 22 (4), 404-420, 2019
Charitable Giving Among Females and Males: An Empirical Test of the Competitive Altruism Hypothesis
R Böhm, T Regner
Journal of Bioeconomics 15 (3), 251-267, 2013
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