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Evidence of hominin control of fire at Gesher Benot Yaaqov, Israel
N Goren-Inbar, N Alperson, ME Kislev, O Simchoni, Y Melamed, ...
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Germination, genetics, and growth of an ancient date seed
S Sallon, E Solowey, Y Cohen, R Korchinsky, M Egli, I Woodhatch, ...
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Excavations at Tell Qasile
A Mazar
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Stone Age hut in Israel yields world's oldest evidence of bedding
D Nadel, E Weiss, O Simchoni, A Tsatskin, A Danin, M Kislev
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ME Kislev
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M Feldman, ME Kislev
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Small-grained wild grasses as staple food at the 23 000-year-old site of Ohalo II, Israel
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Early neolithic horsebean from Yiftah'el, Israel
ME Kislev
Science 228 (4697), 319-320, 1985
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