Carmela Freda
Carmela Freda
Senior researcher, INGV, Rome, Italy
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Magma–Carbonate Interaction Processes and Associated CO2 Release at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia: Insights from Experimental Petrology
FM Deegan, VR Troll, C Freda, V Misiti, JP Chadwick, CL McLeod, ...
Journal of Petrology 51 (5), 1027-1051, 2010
Large mafic eruptions at Alban Hills Volcanic District (Central Italy): chronostratigraphy, petrography and eruptive behavior
F Marra, DB Karner, C Freda, M Gaeta, P Renne
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Solubility of H2O and CO2 in ultrapotassic melts at 1200 and 1250 °C and pressure from 50 to 500 MPa
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American Mineralogist 94 (1), 105-120, 2009
Eruptive history and petrologic evolution of the Albano multiple maar (Alban Hills, Central Italy)
C Freda, M Gaeta, DB Karner, F Marra, PR Renne, J Taddeucci, ...
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The Villa Senni Eruption (Alban Hills, central Italy): the role of H2O and CO2 on the magma chamber evolution and on the eruptive scenario
C Freda, M Gaeta, DM Palladino, R Trigila
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Magma–carbonate interaction: an experimental study on ultrapotassic rocks from Alban Hills (Central Italy)
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DR Baker, C Freda, RA Brooker, P Scarlato
Annals of Geophysics 48 (4-5), 2005
Post-caldera activity in the Alban Hills volcanic district (Italy): 40 Ar/39 Ar geochronology and insights into magma evolution
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Carbonate assimilation in open magmatic systems: the role of melt-bearing skarns and cumulate-forming processes
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Late Mesozoic bimodal volcanic rocks in the Jinniu basin, Middle–Lower Yangtze River Belt (YRB), East China: age, petrogenesis and tectonic implications
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Clinopyroxene–liquid thermometers and barometers specific to alkaline differentiated magmas
M Masotta, S Mollo, C Freda, M Gaeta, G Moore
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Aggregation-dominated ash settling from the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic cloud illuminated by field and laboratory high-speed imaging
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R Trigila, E Agosta, C Currado, AA De Benedetti, C Freda, M Gaeta, ...
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Halogen diffusion in a basaltic melt
M Alletti, DR Baker, C Freda
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Sulfur diffusion in basaltic melts
C Freda, DR Baker, P Scarlato
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 69 (21), 5061-5069, 2005
Oxygen isotope geochemistry of pyroclastic clinopyroxene monitors carbonate contributions to Roman-type ultrapotassic magmas
L Dallai, C Freda, M Gaeta
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 148 (2), 247-263, 2004
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