Bernard Jackson Cosby Jr
Bernard Jackson Cosby Jr
UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
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The nitrogen cascade
JN Galloway, JD Aber, JW Erisman, SP Seitzinger, RW Howarth, ...
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A statistical exploration of the relationships of soil moisture characteristics to the physical properties of soils
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Aggregating fine‐scale ecological knowledge to model coarser‐scale attributes of ecosystems
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Modeling the effects of acid deposition: Estimation of long‐term water quality responses in a small forested catchment
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Modelling the effects of acid deposition: refinements, adjustments and inclusion of nitrogen dynamics in the MAGIC model
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Effects of air pollution on ecosystems and biological diversity in the eastern United States
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Experimental acidification causes soil base-cation depletion at the Bear Brook Watershed in Maine
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Ecological effects of nitrogen and sulfur air pollution in the US: what do we know?
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Acid precipitation: Measurement of pH and acidity 1
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Relationships among substrate, flow, and benthic microalgal pigment density in the Mechums River, Virginia 1
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Change in the acid-base status of an Appalachian mountain catchment following forest defoliation by the gypsy moth
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Acidity promotes degradation of multi-species environmental DNA in lotic mesocosms
M Seymour, I Durance, BJ Cosby, E Ransom-Jones, K Deiner, ...
Communications biology 1 (1), 4, 2018
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