Isak Svensson
Isak Svensson
Associate Professor, Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University
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Fighting with faith
I Svensson
Journal of Conflict Resolution 51 (6), 930-949, 2007
Bargaining, bias and peace brokers: How rebels commit to peace
I Svensson
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Who brings which peace? Neutral versus biased mediation and institutional peace arrangements in civil wars
I Svensson
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Talking peace: International mediation in armed conflicts
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Explaining political jiu-jitsu: Institution-building and the outcomes of regime violence against unarmed protests
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Mediation with muscles or minds? Exploring power mediators and pure mediators in civil wars
I Svensson
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Mediating between tigers and lions: Norwegian peace diplomacy in Sri Lanka's civil war
K Höglund, I Svensson
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Manufacturing dissent: Modernization and the onset of major nonviolent resistance campaigns
C Butcher, I Svensson
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Ending holy wars: Religion and conflict resolution in civil wars
I Svensson
University of Queensland Press (Australia), 2013
How holy wars end: Exploring the termination patterns of conflicts with religious dimensions in Asia
I Svensson, E Harding
Terrorism and Political Violence 23 (2), 133-149, 2011
Community and consent: Unarmed insurrections in non-democracies
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Dialogue and interethnic trust: A randomized field trial of ‘sustained dialogue’in Ethiopia
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The peace process in Sri Lanka
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Disputes over the divine: Introducing the religion and armed conflict (relac) data, 1975 to 2015
I Svensson, D Nilsson
Journal of Conflict Resolution 62 (5), 1127-1148, 2018
International mediation bias and peacemaking: taking sides in civil wars
I Svensson
Routledge, 2014
'Damned if You Do, and Damned if You Don't': Nordic Involvement and Images of Third-Party Neutrality in Sri Lanka
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One God, many wars: Religious dimensions of armed conflict in the Middle East and North Africa
I Svensson
Civil Wars 15 (4), 411-430, 2013
Peace from the inside: Exploring the role of the insider-partial mediator
I Svensson, M Lindgren
International Interactions 39 (5), 698-722, 2013
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