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Camilla Bertolini
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Multiple physiological responses to multiple environmental challenges: an individual approach
P Calosi, LM Turner, M Hawkins, C Bertolini, G Nightingale, M Truebano, ...
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Individual and population-level responses to ocean acidification
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Temporal fluctuations in seawater pCO2 may be as important as mean differences when determining physiological sensitivity in natural systems
DP Small, M Milazzo, C Bertolini, H Graham, C Hauton, JM Hall-Spencer, ...
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A predator has nonconsumptive effects on different life-history stages of a prey
JA Ellrich, RA Scrosati, C Bertolini, M Molis
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Aggregations of brittle stars can perform similar ecological roles as mussel reefs
NR Geraldi, C Bertolini, MC Emmerson, D Roberts, JD Sigwart, ...
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Substratum type and conspecific density as drivers of mussel patch formation
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Trophic cascades and the transient keystone concept
D Barrios-O'Neill, C Bertolini, PC Collins
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Habitat with small inter-structural spaces promotes mussel survival and reef generation
C Bertolini, WI Montgomery, NE O’Connor
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Putting self‐organization to the test: labyrinthine patterns as optimal solution for persistence
C Bertolini, B Cornelissen, J Capelle, J Van De Koppel, TJ Bouma
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Can secondary species maintain a primary role? Consistent inter-regional effects of understory algae on diversity
C Bertolini
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Climate drives the geography of marine consumption by changing predator communities
MA Whalen, RDB Whippo, JJ Stachowicz, PH York, E Aiello, T Alcoverro, ...
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Edge effects are not linked to key ecological processes in a fragmented biogenic reef
C Bertolini, WI Montgomery, NE O’Connor
Estuaries and Coasts 43 (4), 708-721, 2020
Are all patterns created equal? Cooperation is more likely in spatially simple habitats
C Bertolini, K Hlebowicz, F Schlichta, JJ Capelle, J van de Koppel, ...
Marine Ecology 40 (6), e12572, 2019
Low pH conditions impair module capacity to regenerate in a calcified colonial invertebrate, the bryozoan Cryptosula pallasiana
C Lombardi, PD Taylor, S Cocito, C Bertolini, P Calosi
Marine environmental research 125, 110-117, 2017
How to cope in heterogeneous coastal environments: Spatio-temporally endogenous circadian rhythm of valve gaping by mussels
C Bertolini, S Rubinetti, G Umgiesser, R Witbaard, TJ Bouma, A Rubino, ...
Science of the Total Environment 768, 145085, 2021
Tolerance landscapes can be used to predict species-specific responses to climate change beyond the marine heatwave concept: Using tolerance landscape models for an …
C Bertolini, R Pastres
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 252, 107284, 2021
Multiple Evidence for Climate Patterns Influencing Ecosystem Productivity across Spatial Gradients in the Venice Lagoon
C Bertolini, E Royer, R Pastres
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 9 (4), 363, 2021
Crassostrea gigas (Thunberg 1793) cultivation in southern Adriatic Sea (Italy): A one‐year monitoring study of the oyster health
F Mosca, PG Tiscar, J Hattab, AM D'Antonuo, D D'Onofrio, G Arcangeli, ...
Aquaculture Research, 2021
Testing a Model of Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas) Growth in the Adriatic Sea: Implications for Aquaculture Spatial Planning. Sustainability 2021, 13, 3309
C Bertolini, D Brigolin, EMD Porporato, J Hattab, R Pastres, PG Tiscar
s Note: MDPI stays neu-tral with regard to jurisdictional claims in …, 2021
Testing a Model of Pacific Oysters’(Crassostrea gigas) Growth in the Adriatic Sea: Implications for Aquaculture Spatial Planning
C Bertolini, D Brigolin, E Porporato, J Hattab, R Pastres, PG Tiscar
Sustainability 13 (6), 3309, 2021
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