Renee A. Smith
Renee A. Smith
Senior Technical Officer (Physiological Plant Ecology), Hawkesbury Institute For The Environment
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Impacts of drought on leaf respiration in darkness and light in Eucalyptus saligna exposed to industrial‐age atmospheric CO2 and growth temperature
G Ayub, RA Smith, DT Tissue, OK Atkin
New Phytologist 190 (4), 1003-1018, 2011
Exposure to preindustrial, current and future atmospheric CO2 and temperature differentially affects growth and photosynthesis in Eucalyptus
O Ghannoum, NG Phillips, JP Conroy, RA Smith, RD Attard, R Woodfield, ...
Global Change Biology 16 (1), 303-319, 2010
Nocturnal stomatal conductance responses to rising [CO2], temperature and drought
MJB Zeppel, JD Lewis, B Chaszar, RA Smith, BE Medlyn, TE Huxman, ...
New Phytologist 193 (4), 929-938, 2012
Non-structural carbohydrates in woody plants compared among laboratories
AG Quentin, EA Pinkard, MG Ryan, DT Tissue, LS Baggett, HD Adams, ...
Tree physiology 35 (11), 1146-1165, 2015
Elevated [CO2] does not ameliorate the negative effects of elevated temperature on drought‐induced mortality in Eucalyptus radiata seedlings
H Duan, RA Duursma, G Huang, RA Smith, B Choat, AP O'GRADY, ...
Plant, cell & environment 37 (7), 1598-1613, 2014
Climate determines vascular traits in the ecologically diverse genus Eucalyptus
S Pfautsch, M Harbusch, A Wesolowski, R Smith, C Macfarlane, ...
Ecology letters 19 (3), 240-248, 2016
The capacity to cope with climate warming declines from temperate to tropical latitudes in two widely distributed Eucalyptus species
JE Drake, MJ Aspinwall, S Pfautsch, PD Rymer, PB Reich, RA Smith, ...
Global change biology 21 (1), 459-472, 2015
Genetic variation in circadian regulation of nocturnal stomatal conductance enhances carbon assimilation and growth
V Resco de Dios, ME Loik, R Smith, MJ Aspinwall, DT Tissue
Plant, cell & environment 39 (1), 3-11, 2016
Drought responses of two gymnosperm species with contrasting stomatal regulation strategies under elevated [CO2] and temperature
H Duan, AP O’Grady, RA Duursma, B Choat, G Huang, RA Smith, Y Jiang, ...
Tree physiology 35 (7), 756-770, 2015
Near-optimal response of instantaneous transpiration efficiency to vapour pressure deficit, temperature and [CO 2] in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
RA Duursma, P Payton, MP Bange, KJ Broughton, RA Smith, BE Medlyn, ...
Agricultural and forest meteorology 168, 168-176, 2013
Industrial-age changes in atmospheric [CO2] and temperature differentially alter responses of faster-and slower-growing Eucalyptus seedlings to short-term drought
JD Lewis, RA Smith, O Ghannoum, BA Logan, NG Phillips, DT Tissue
Tree physiology 33 (5), 475-488, 2013
Stomatal and non-stomatal limitations of photosynthesis for four tree species under drought: A comparison of model formulations
JE Drake, SA Power, RA Duursma, BE Medlyn, MJ Aspinwall, B Choat, ...
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 247, 454-466, 2017
Leaf structural responses to pre-industrial, current and elevated atmospheric [CO2] and temperature affect leaf function in Eucalyptus sideroxylon
RA Smith, JD Lewis, O Ghannoum, DT Tissue
Functional Plant Biology 39 (4), 285-296, 2012
Leaf photosynthetic, economics and hydraulic traits are decoupled among genotypes of a widespread species of eucalypt grown under ambient and elevated CO2
CJ Blackman, MJ Aspinwall, V Resco de Dios, RA Smith, DT Tissue
Functional Ecology 30 (9), 1491-1500, 2016
Examination of pre-industrial and future [CO2] reveals the temperature-dependent CO2 sensitivity of light energy partitioning at PSII in eucalypts
BA Logan, CR Hricko, JD Lewis, O Ghannoum, NG Phillips, R Smith, ...
Functional Plant Biology 37 (11), 1041-1049, 2010
Warming alters the positive impact of elevated CO2 concentration on cotton growth and physiology during soil water deficit
KJ Broughton, RA Smith, RA Duursma, DKY Tan, P Payton, MP Bange, ...
Functional Plant Biology 44 (2), 267-278, 2017
CO2 and temperature effects on morphological and physiological traits affecting risk of drought-induced mortality
H Duan, B Chaszar, JD Lewis, RA Smith, TE Huxman, DT Tissue
Tree Physiology 38 (8), 1138-1151, 2018
Elevated temperature is more effective than elevated [CO2] in exposing genotypic variation in Telopea speciosissima growth plasticity: implications for woody plant populations …
G Huang, PD Rymer, H Duan, RA Smith, DT Tissue
Global change biology 21 (10), 3800-3813, 2015
Rising temperature may negate the stimulatory effect of rising CO2 on growth and physiology of Wollemi pine (Wollemia nobilis)
JD Lewis, NG Phillips, BA Logan, RA Smith, I Aranjuelo, S Clarke, ...
Functional Plant Biology 42 (9), 836-850, 2015
The effect of elevated atmospheric [CO2] and increased temperatures on an older and modern cotton cultivar
KJ Broughton, MP Bange, RA Duursma, P Payton, RA Smith, DKY Tan, ...
Functional Plant Biology 44 (12), 1207-1218, 2017
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