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Karen Cheney
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Mutualism or parasitism? The variable outcome of cleaning symbioses
KL Cheney, IM Côté
Biology letters 1 (2), 162-165, 2005
Ancestral duplications and highly dynamic opsin gene evolution in percomorph fishes
F Cortesi, Z Musilová, SM Stieb, NS Hart, UE Siebeck, M Malmstrøm, ...
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Long-term effects of the cleaner fish Labroides dimidiatus on coral reef fish communities
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Conspicuousness is correlated with toxicity in marine opisthobranchs
F Cortesi, KL Cheney
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PC Sikkel, KL Cheney, IM Côté
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Mimicry in coral reef fish: how accurate is this deception in terms of color and luminance?
KL Cheney, NJ Marshall
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Blue and yellow signal cleaning behavior in coral reef fishes
KL Cheney, AS Grutter, SP Blomberg, NJ Marshall
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Are Caribbean cleaning symbioses mutualistic? Costs and benefits of visiting cleaning stations to longfin damselfish
KL Cheney, IM Côté
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Fishing effects in northeast Atlantic shelf seas: patterns in fishing effort, diversity and community structure VII. The effects of trawling disturbance on the fauna associated …
MJ Kaiser, K Cheney, FE Spence, DB Edwards, K Radford
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KL Cheney, C Newport, EC McClure, NJ Marshall
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Long-term cleaner fish presence affects growth of a coral reef fish
GE Clague, KL Cheney, AW Goldizen, MI McCormick, PA Waldie, ...
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Phenotypic plasticity confers multiple fitness benefits to a mimic
F Cortesi, WE Feeney, MCO Ferrari, PA Waldie, GAC Phillips, ...
Current Biology 25 (7), 949-954, 2015
Habitat choice in adult longfin damselfish: territory characteristics and relocation times
KL Cheney, IM Côté
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The ultimate effect of being cleaned: does ectoparasite removal have reproductive consequences for damselfish clients?
KL Cheney, IM Côté
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Choosing when to be a cleaner-fish mimic
IM Côté, KL Cheney
Nature 433 (7023), 211-212, 2005
Choose your weaponry: Selective storage of a single toxic compound, latrunculin A, by closely related nudibranch molluscs
KL Cheney, A White, IW Mudianta, AE Winters, M Quezada, RJ Capon, ...
PloS one 11 (1), e0145134, 2016
Fish chromatophores—from molecular motors to animal behavior
HN Sköld, S Aspengren, KL Cheney, M Wallin
International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology 321, 171-219, 2016
Conspicuous visual signals do not coevolve with increased body size in marine sea slugs
KL Cheney, F Cortesi, MJ How, NG Wilson, SP Blomberg, AE Winters, ...
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 27 (4), 676-687, 2014
Cleaner fish cause predators to reduce aggression toward bystanders at cleaning stations
KL Cheney, R Bshary, AS Grutter
Behavioral Ecology 19 (5), 1063-1067, 2008
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