Daniel Topgaard
Daniel Topgaard
Professor in Physical Chemistry, Lund University
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Diffusion of water absorbed in cellulose fibers studied with 1H-NMR
D Topgaard, O Söderman
Langmuir 17 (9), 2694-2702, 2001
Quantification of microscopic diffusion anisotropy disentangles effects of orientation dispersion from microstructure: applications in healthy volunteers and in brain tumors
F Szczepankiewicz, S Lasič, D van Westen, PC Sundgren, E Englund, ...
NeuroImage 104, 241-252, 2015
Microanisotropy imaging: quantification of microscopic diffusion anisotropy and orientational order parameter by diffusion MRI with magic-angle spinning of the q-vector
S Lasič, F Szczepankiewicz, S Eriksson, M Nilsson, D Topgaard
Frontiers in Physics 2, 11, 2014
Cholesterol and POPC segmental order parameters in lipid membranes: solid state 1H–13C NMR and MD simulation studies
TM Ferreira, F Coreta-Gomes, OHS Ollila, MJ Moreno, WLC Vaz, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (6), 1976-1989, 2013
Q-space trajectory imaging for multidimensional diffusion MRI of the human brain
CF Westin, H Knutsson, O Pasternak, F Szczepankiewicz, E Özarslan, ...
NeuroImage 135, 345-362, 2016
Noninvasive mapping of water diffusional exchange in the human brain using filter‐exchange imaging
M Nilsson, J Lätt, D van Westen, S Brockstedt, S Lasič, F Ståhlberg, ...
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 69 (6), 1573-1581, 2013
Stratum corneum hydration: phase transformations and mobility in stratum corneum, extracted lipids and isolated corneocytes
CL Silva, D Topgaard, V Kocherbitov, JJS Sousa, AACC Pais, E Sparr
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes 1768 (11), 2647-2659, 2007
Surfactant/nonionic polymer interaction. a NMR diffusometry and NMR electrophoretic investigation
E Pettersson, D Topgaard, P Stilbs, O Söderman
Langmuir 20 (4), 1138-1143, 2004
Conventions and nomenclature for double diffusion encoding NMR and MRI
N Shemesh, SN Jespersen, DC Alexander, Y Cohen, I Drobnjak, ...
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 75 (1), 82-87, 2016
Isotropic diffusion weighting in PGSE NMR by magic-angle spinning of the q-vector
S Eriksson, S Lasic, D Topgaard
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 226, 13-18, 2012
Filter-exchange PGSE NMR determination of cell membrane permeability
I Åslund, A Nowacka, M Nilsson, D Topgaard
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 200 (2), 291-295, 2009
Changes of cellulose fiber wall structure during drying investigated using NMR self-diffusion and relaxation experiments
D Topgaard, O Söderman
Cellulose 9 (2), 139-147, 2002
Self-diffusion in polymer systems studied by magnetic field-gradient spin-echo NMR methods
H Walderhaug, O Söderman, D Topgaard
Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 56 (4), 406-425, 2010
Modulating the porosity of cryogels by influencing the nonfrozen liquid phase through the addition of inert solutes
H Kirsebom, D Topgaard, IY Galaev, B Mattiasson
Langmuir 26 (20), 16129-16133, 2010
Polarization transfer solid-state NMR for studying surfactant phase behavior
A Nowacka, PC Mohr, J Norrman, RW Martin, D Topgaard
Langmuir 26 (22), 16848-16856, 2010
“Shim pulses” for NMR spectroscopy and imaging
D Topgaard, RW Martin, D Sakellariou, CA Meriles, A Pines
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101 (51), 17576-17581, 2004
Apparent exchange rate mapping with diffusion MRI
S Lasič, M Nilsson, J Lätt, F Ståhlberg, D Topgaard
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 66 (2), 356-365, 2011
Spontaneous vesicle formation in a block copolymer system
K Bryskhe, J Jansson, D Topgaard, K Schillén, U Olsson
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (28), 9710-9719, 2004
Extraordinarily Efficient Conduction in a Redox‐Active Ionic Liquid
VK Thorsmølle, G Rothenberger, D Topgaard, JC Brauer, DB Kuang, ...
ChemPhysChem 12 (1), 145-149, 2011
Restricted self-diffusion of water in a highly concentrated W/O emulsion studied using modulated gradient spin-echo NMR
D Topgaard, C Malmborg, O Söderman
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 156 (2), 195-201, 2002
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