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Polydimethylsiloxane membranes for millimeter-wave planar ultra flexible antennas
N Tiercelin, P Coquet, R Sauleau, V Senez, H Fujita
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 16 (11), 2389, 2006
Strain determination in silicon microstructures by combined convergent beam electron diffraction, process simulation, and micro-Raman spectroscopy
V Senez, A Armigliato, I De Wolf, G Carnevale, R Balboni, S Frabboni, ...
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Engineering sticky superomniphobic surfaces on transparent and flexible PDMS substrate
R Dufour, M Harnois, Y Coffinier, V Thomy, R Boukherroub, V Senez
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Analysis and application of a viscoelastic model for silicon oxidation
V Senez, D Collard, B Baccus, M Brault, J Lebailly
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Two-dimensional simulation of local oxidation of silicon: calibrated viscoelastic flow analysis
V Senez, D Collard, P Ferreira, B Baccus
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 43 (5), 720-731, 1996
Zipping effect on omniphobic surfaces for controlled deposition of minute amounts of fluid or colloids
R Dufour, P Brunet, M Harnois, R Boukherroub, V Thomy, V Senez
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Contact angle hysteresis origins: Investigation on super-omniphobic surfaces
R Dufour, M Harnois, V Thomy, R Boukherroub, V Senez
Soft Matter 7 (19), 9380-9387, 2011
Formation of silicon islands on a silicon on insulator substrate upon thermal annealing
B Legrand, V Agache, JP Nys, V Senez, D Stievenard
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Thermally assisted formation of silicon islands on a silicon-on-insulator substrate
B Legrand, V Agache, T Melin, JP Nys, V Senez, D Stievenard
Journal of applied physics 91 (1), 106-111, 2002
Modeling of the transient enhanced diffusion of boron implanted into preamorphized silicon
E Lampin, V Senez, A Claverie
Journal of applied physics 85 (12), 8137-8144, 1999
Techniques for mechanical strain analysis in sub-micrometer structures: TEM/CBED, micro-Raman spectroscopy, X-ray micro-diffraction and modeling
I De Wolf, V Senez, R Balboni, A Armigliato, S Frabboni, A Cedola, ...
Microelectronic engineering 70 (2-4), 425-435, 2003
From micro to nano reentrant structures: hysteresis on superomniphobic surfaces
R Dufour, G Perry, M Harnois, Y Coffinier, V Thomy, V Senez, ...
Colloid and Polymer Science 291 (2), 409-415, 2013
Wettability of PEDOT: PSS films
C Duc, A Vlandas, GG Malliaras, V Senez
Soft Matter 12 (23), 5146-5153, 2016
Label-free analysis of water-polluting parasite by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
T Houssin, J Follet, A Follet, E Dei-Cas, V Senez
Biosensors and bioelectronics 25 (5), 1122-1129, 2010
Measurement of the elastic and viscoelastic properties of dielectric films used in microelectronics
G Carlotti, P Colpani, D Piccolo, S Santucci, V Senez, G Socino, L Verdini
Thin Solid Films 414 (1), 99-104, 2002
Acoustic tracking of Cassie to Wenzel wetting transitions
R Dufour, N Saad, J Carlier, P Campistron, G Nassar, M Toubal, ...
Langmuir 29 (43), 13129-13134, 2013
Integrated 3-d silicon electrodes for electrochemical sensing in microfluidic environments: Application to single-cell characterization
V Senez, E Lennon, S Ostrovidov, T Yamamoto, H Fujita, Y Sakai, T Fujii
IEEE sensors journal 8 (5), 548-557, 2008
Tunable contact angle hysteresis by micropatterning surfaces
D Debuisson, V Senez, S Arscott
Applied Physics Letters 98 (18), 184101, 2011
Stick–Jump (SJ) evaporation of strongly pinned nanoliter volume sessile water droplets on quick drying, micropatterned surfaces
D Debuisson, A Merlen, V Senez, S Arscott
Langmuir 32 (11), 2679-2686, 2016
Fabrication of superhydrophobic and highly oleophobic silicon-based surfaces via electroless etching method
TPN Nguyen, R Dufour, V Thomy, V Senez, R Boukherroub, Y Coffinier
Applied surface science 295, 38-43, 2014
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