Mark Hughes
Mark Hughes
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Survey of the free and conjugated myricetin and quercetin content of red wines of different geographical origins
MS McDonald, M Hughes, J Burns, MEJ Lean, D Matthews, A Crozier
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 46 (2), 368-375, 1998
New scientific discoveries: Plants and fungi
M Cheek, E Nic Lughadha, P Kirk, H Lindon, J Carretero, B Looney, ...
Plants, People, Planet 2 (5), 371-388, 2020
Dividing and conquering the fastest-growing genus: Towards a natural sectional classification of the mega-diverse genus Begonia (Begoniaceae)
PW Moonlight, WH Ardi, LA Padilla, KF Chung, D Fuller, D Girmansyah, ...
Taxon 67 (2), 267-323, 2018
Begonia resource centre
M Hughes, PW Moonlight, A Jara, M Pullan
Online database available from http://padme. rbge. org. uk/begonia, 2015
New Guinea has the world’s richest island flora
R Cámara-Leret, DG Frodin, F Adema, C Anderson, MS Appelhans, ...
Nature, 1-5, 2020
An annotated checklist of Southeast Asian Begonia
M Hughes
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2008
West to east dispersal and subsequent rapid diversification of the mega‐diverse genus Begonia (Begoniaceae) in the Malesian archipelago
DC Thomas, M Hughes, T Phutthai, WH Ardi, S Rajbhandary, R Rubite, ...
Journal of Biogeography 39 (1), 98-113, 2012
A phylogeny of Begonia using nuclear ribosomal sequence data and morphological characters
LL Forrest, M Hughes, PM Hollingsworth
Systematic Botany 30 (3), 671-682, 2005
Population genetic divergence corresponds with species‐level biodiversity patterns in the large genus Begonia
M Hughes, PM Hollingsworth
Molecular ecology 17 (11), 2643-2651, 2008
A non-coding plastid DNA phylogeny of Asian Begonia (Begoniaceae): Evidence for morphological homoplasy and sectional polyphyly
DC Thomas, M Hughes, T Phutthai, S Rajbhandary, R Rubite, WH Ardi, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 60 (3), 428-444, 2011
Effects of the exposure of roots of Alnus glutinosa to light on flavonoids and nodulation
M Hughes, C Donnelly, A Crozier, CT Wheeler
Canadian Journal of Botany 77 (9), 1311-1315, 1999
Refugia, dispersal and divergence in a forest archipelago: a study of Streptocarpus in eastern South Africa
M Hughes, M Möller, DU Bellstedt, TJ Edwards, M Villiers
Molecular Ecology 14 (14), 4415-4426, 2005
Continental‐scale diversification patterns in a megadiverse genus: the biogeography of Neotropical Begonia
PW Moonlight, JE Richardson, MC Tebbitt, DC Thomas, R Hollands, ...
Journal of Biogeography 42 (6), 1137-1149, 2015
The limits of Hyb-Seq for herbarium specimens: Impact of preservation techniques
LL Forrest, ML Hart, M Hughes, HP Wilson, KF Chung, YH Tseng, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7, 439, 2019
A revision and one new species of Begonia L.(Begoniaceae, Cucurbitales) in Northeast India
R Camfield, M Hughes
European Journal of Taxonomy, 2018
The Origins of Tropical Rainforest Hyperdiversity
RT Pennington, M Hughes, PW Moonlight
Trends in Plant Science 20 (11), 693-695, 2015
Recircumscription of Begonia sect. Baryandra (Begoniaceae): evidence from molecular data
RR Rubite, M Hughes, GJD Alejandro, CI Peng
Botanical Studies 54 (1), 38, 2013
Nine new species of Begonia (Begoniaceae) from south and west Sulawesi, Indonesia
DC Thomas, WH Ardi, M Hughes
Edinburgh Journal of Botany 68 (02), 225-255, 2011
Densities and habitat preferences of Andean cloud-forest birds in pristine and degraded habitats in north-eastern Ecuador
W Cresswell, M Hughes, R Mellanby, S Bright, P Catry, J Chaves, J Freile, ...
Bird Conservation International 9 (02), 129-145, 1999
Population genetic structure in the endemic Begonia of the Socotra archipelago
M Hughes, PM Hollingsworth, AG Miller
Biological conservation 113 (2), 277-284, 2003
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