Johan O. A. Robertsson
Johan O. A. Robertsson
Professor of Applied Geophysics, ETH Zürich
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Viscoelastic finite-difference modeling
JOA Robertsson, JO Blanch, WW Symes
Geophysics 59 (9), 1444-1456, 1994
Modeling of a constant Q: Methodology and algorithm for an efficient and optimally inexpensive viscoelastic technique
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JOA Robertsson
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K Wapenaar, D Draganov, JOA Robertsson
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JOA Robertsson, CH Chapman
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DF Halliday, A Curtis, P Vermeer, C Strobbia, A Glushchenko, ...
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The Leading Edge 27 (2), 190-199, 2008
Method and system for reducing effects of sea surface ghost contamination in seismic data
JOA Robertsson, JE Kragh, JE Martin
US Patent 6,775,618, 2004
Constraints on the shallow elastic and anelastic structure of Mars from InSight seismic data
P Lognonné, WB Banerdt, WT Pike, D Giardini, U Christensen, RF Garcia, ...
Nature Geoscience 13 (3), 213-220, 2020
Effects of near‐surface waveguides on shallow high‐resolution seismic refraction and reflection data
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Geophysical Research Letters 23 (5), 495-498, 1996
Seismic streamer system and method
R Singh, JOA Robertsson, O Kristiansen
US Patent 8,477,561, 2013
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