Maria Aparecida Neves Jardini
Maria Aparecida Neves Jardini
Professora de Periodontia UNESP
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Cardiovascular disease parameters in periodontitis
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Early healing pattern of autogenous bone grafts with and without e-PTFE membranes: a histomorphometric study in rats
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Revascularization of Autogenous Block Grafts with or Without an e-PTFE Membrane.
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Reperfusion arrhythmias: are they only a marker of epicardial reperfusion or continuing myocardial ischemia after acute myocardial infarction?
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Connective tissue graft associated or not with low laser therapy to treat gingival recession: randomized clinical trial
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Measurement of the nonlinear optical response of low-density lipoprotein solutions from patients with periodontitis before and after periodontal treatment: evaluation of …
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Local adjunct effect of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy for the treatment of chronic periodontitis in type 2 diabetics: split-mouth double-blind randomized controlled …
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Resin composite plus connective tissue graft to treat single maxillary gingival recession associated with non‐carious cervical lesion: randomized clinical trial
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Clarithromycin as an adjunct to one‐stage full‐mouth ultrasonic periodontal debridement in generalized aggressive periodontitis: a randomized controlled clinical trial
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The RANK/RANKL/OPG interaction in the repair of autogenous bone grafts in female rats with estrogen deficiency
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Immunolocalization of markers for bone formation during guided bone regeneration in osteopenic rats
TM Tera, RD Nascimento, RF Prado, MP Santamaria, MAN JARDINI
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Influence of Osteopenia in Autogenous Bone Graft Healing With or Without Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene Membranes: Histologic and Histomorphometric Study in Rats.
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2‐year assessment of tissue biostimulation with low‐level laser on the outcomes of connective tissue graft in the treatment of single gingival recession: a randomized clinical …
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Immunolocalization of bone morphogenetic protein 2 during the early healing events after guided bone regeneration
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Treatment of single maxillary gingival recession associated with non‐carious cervical lesion: Randomized clinical trial comparing connective tissue graft alone to graft plus …
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Clinical and microbiological evaluation of the use of toothpaste containing 1% chlorhexidine and the influence of motivation on oral hygiene in patients with motor deficiency
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Oral condition of critical patients and its correlation with ventilator-associated pneumonia: a pilot study
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Revista de Odontologia da UNESP 42 (3), 182-187, 2013
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