Egbert H. van Nes
Egbert H. van Nes
Wageningen University, Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management group
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Early-warning signals for critical transitions
M Scheffer, J Bascompte, WA Brock, V Brovkin, SR Carpenter, V Dakos, ...
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Anticipating critical transitions
M Scheffer, SR Carpenter, TM Lenton, J Bascompte, W Brock, V Dakos, ...
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Global Resilience of Tropical Forest and Savanna to Critical Transitions
M Hirota, M Holmgren, EH Van Nes, M Scheffer
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M Scheffer, S Rinaldi, A Gragnani, LR Mur, EH van Nes
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Shallow lakes theory revisited: various alternative regimes driven by climate, nutrients, depth and lake size
M Scheffer, EH van Nes
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Self-organized similarity, the evolutionary emergence of groups of similar species
M Scheffer, EH van Nes
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Lake restoration: successes, failures and long‐term effects
M Søndergaard, E Jeppesen, TL Lauridsen, C Skov, EH Van Nes, ...
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Methods for detecting early warnings of critical transitions in time series illustrated using simulated ecological data
V Dakos, SR Carpenter, WA Brock, AM Ellison, V Guttal, AR Ives, S Kefi, ...
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Slow recovery from perturbations as a generic indicator of a nearby catastrophic shift
EH Van Nes, M Scheffer
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Soil microbes drive the classic plant diversity–productivity pattern
SA Schnitzer, JN Klironomos, J HilleRisLambers, LL Kinkel, PB Reich, ...
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Floating plant dominance as a stable state
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Super-individuals a simple solution for modelling large populations on an individual basis
M Scheffer, JM Baveco, DL DeAngelis, KA Rose, EH van Nes
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Coral reefs in the Anthropocene
TP Hughes, ML Barnes, DR Bellwood, JE Cinner, GS Cumming, ...
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Chaos in a long-term experiment with a plankton community
E Benincà, J Huisman, R Heerkloss, KD Jöhnk, P Branco, EH Van Nes, ...
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Critical slowing down as early warning for the onset and termination of depression
IA van de Leemput, M Wichers, AOJ Cramer, D Borsboom, F Tuerlinckx, ...
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Recovery rates reflect distance to a tipping point in a living system
AJ Veraart, EJ Faassen, V Dakos, EH van Nes, M Lürling, M Scheffer
Nature 481 (7381), 357-359, 2011
Implications of spatial heterogeneity for catastrophic regime shifts in ecosystems
EH van Nes, M Scheffer
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Spatial correlation as leading indicator of catastrophic shifts
V Dakos, EH van Nes, R Donangelo, H Fort, M Scheffer
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Climatic warming causes regime shifts in lake food webs
M Scheffer, D Straile, EH Van Nes, H Hosper
Limnology and Oceanography 46 (7), 1780-1783, 2001
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