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What fuel properties enable higher thermal efficiency in spark-ignited engines?
JP Szybist, S Busch, RL McCormick, JA Pihl, DA Splitter, MA Ratcliff, ...
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 82, 100876, 2021
Intermediate temperature heat release in an HCCI engine fueled by ethanol/n-heptane mixtures: An experimental and modeling study
D Vuilleumier, D Kozarac, M Mehl, S Saxena, WJ Pitz, RW Dibble, ...
Combustion and flame 161 (3), 680-695, 2014
n-Heptane cool flame chemistry: Unraveling intermediate species measured in a stirred reactor and motored engine
Z Wang, B Chen, K Moshammer, DM Popolan-Vaida, S Sioud, ...
Combustion and Flame 187, 199-216, 2018
Optimal operating conditions for wet ethanol in a HCCI engine using exhaust gas heat recovery
S Saxena, D Vuilleumier, D Kozarac, M Krieck, R Dibble, S Aceves
Applied energy 116, 269-277, 2014
Analysis of benefits of using internal exhaust gas recirculation in biogas-fueled HCCI engines
D Kozarac, D Vuilleumier, S Saxena, RW Dibble
Energy conversion and management 87, 1186-1194, 2014
Extension of the lower load limit of gasoline compression ignition with 87 AKI gasoline by injection timing and pressure
CP Kolodziej, S Ciatti, D Vuilleumier, BD Adhikary, RD Reitz
SAE Technical Paper, 2014
Impact of coolant temperature on piston wall-wetting and smoke generation in a stratified-charge DISI engine operated on E30 fuel
X He, Y Li, M Sjöberg, D Vuilleumier, CP Ding, F Liu, X Li
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 37 (4), 4955-4963, 2019
Autoignition behavior of gasoline/ethanol blends at engine-relevant conditions
S Cheng, D Kang, A Fridlyand, SS Goldsborough, C Saggese, S Wagnon, ...
Combustion and Flame 216, 369-384, 2020
Significance of RON, MON, and LTHR for knock limits of compositionally dissimilar gasoline fuels in a DISI engine
D Vuilleumier, M Sjöberg
SAE International Journal of Engines 10 (3), 938-950, 2017
Exploration of heat release in a homogeneous charge compression ignition engine with primary reference fuels
D Vuilleumier, H Selim, R Dibble, M Sarathy
SAE Technical Paper, 2013
Experimental and numerical analysis of the performance and exhaust gas emissions of a biogas/n-heptane fueled HCCI engine
D Kozarac, I Taritas, D Vuilleumier, S Saxena, RW Dibble
Energy 115, 180-193, 2016
Fuel film thickness measurements using refractive index matching in a stratified-charge SI engine operated on E30 and alkylate fuels
CP Ding, M Sjöberg, D Vuilleumier, DL Reuss, X He, B Böhm
Experiments in Fluids 59 (3), 1-15, 2018
Characteristics of spray and wall wetting under flash-boiling and non-flashing conditions at varying ambient pressures
X He, Y Li, C Liu, M Sjöberg, D Vuilleumier, F Liu, Q Yang
Fuel 264, 116683, 2020
Measurements of laminar flame speeds and flame instability analysis of E30-air premixed flames at elevated temperatures and pressures
Q Yang, Z Liu, X Hou, X He, M Sjöberg, D Vuilleumier, C Liu, F Liu
Fuel 259, 116223, 2020
Using Chemical Kinetics to Understand Effects of Fuel Type and Compression Ratio on Knock-Mitigation Effectiveness of Various EGR Constituents
N Kim, D Vuilleumier, M Sjöberg, N Yokoo, T Tomoda, K Nakata
SAE International Journal of Advances and Current Practices in Mobility 1 …, 2019
Numerical study and cellular instability analysis of E30-air mixtures at elevated temperatures and pressures
F Liu, Z Liu, Z Sang, X He, M Sjöberg, D Vuilleumier, C Liu, X Li
Fuel 271, 117458, 2020
Development and Validation of a Quasi-Dimensional Dual Fuel (Diesel–Natural Gas) Combustion Model
I Taritas, D Kozarac, M Sjeric, MS Aznar, D Vuilleumier, R Tatschl
SAE International Journal of Engines 10 (2), 483-500, 2017
Effect of engine conditions and injection timing on piston-top fuel films for stratified direct-injection spark-ignition operation using E30
CP Ding, D Vuilleumier, N Kim, DL Reuss, M Sjöberg, B Böhm
International Journal of Engine Research 21 (2), 302-318, 2020
Uncertainty Assessment of Octane Index Framework for Stoichiometric Knock Limits of Co-Optima Gasoline Fuel Blends
D Vuilleumier, X Huan, T Casey, M Sjöberg
SAE International Journal of Fuels and Lubricants 11 (3), 247-270, 2018
Effects of gasoline composition and octane sensitivity on the response of DISI engine knock to variations of fuel-air equivalence ratio
M Sjöberg, D Vuilleumier, N Yokoo, K Nakata
The Proceedings of the International symposium on diagnostics and modeling …, 2017
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